Capture the elephants!

ellybob-3Just try and take pictures of this kid. She is squirmy! I should have done these outside where she could crawl around in the grass, but I took these mid-day, so it had to be in the house, and of course I dressed her up in a silly and girly white dress underneath.

She’s crawling, mostly on her belly, but she can MOVE. And she wants to pull up on lots of things. Naturally, this made for a good way to capture the back of the sweater.

ellybob-5This is the Ellybob Cardigan. Click the link for more details. If I made it again, I think I would start with more stitches and increase less at the neck. It has a fairly high collar and I wish it were a bit wider.Β It was fun to make, and the back and forth Fair Isle wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. If I made it again, I might go up a needle size overall, and up a needle size from that on the Fair Isle portion.



ellybob-6I have a feeling that Zooey is going to have eyes like Matt’s that seem to match whatever blue or green item they’re wearing.



13 thoughts on “Capture the elephants!

  1. Beautiful! Both the girly and the cardigan πŸ™‚ I haven’t done much with color changes in a project before. They look so daunting. But before I learned how to do lace patterns and cabling they looked so difficult, and when I actually tried them I found they weren’t that hard. It sounds like this was how you felt about fair isle too. Was this your first fair isle project?

    • My first Fair Isle project was a pair of Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang. They were small and easy to execute. It’s really pretty fun to do. You should try it!

  2. Love, love love. Such a sweet little cardi for a sweet little girl. The colors of that yarn are gorgeous! You are making me realize I need to knit more for my little (now toddler) girl before she gets too big.

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