I’m a gambler

I’m blocking my Goodale cardigan, finally. It seems like I’m not able to churn out the projects as quickly, or I got distracted by a new phone and going out of town, and working on several projects at once. I added a whopping 6.5 inches to the body length (14.5 pre-ribbing) on 34″ chest size. I have a long torso, and this sweater was way too cropped for me as written. It doesn’t seem that cropped in the pattern photos, but she’s also wearing this over a dress with a higher waistline, and she probably has a shorter torso. Either way, this project is finally on the blocking board.


I did a wet block. The superwash yarn rapidly expanded and I had to squish it into place. It’s not the neatest or most exact blocking I’ve ever done, but I figure as long as I get the top and bottom sewn down neatly it will all be ok.

It’s not totally done, because I still have to knit around the collar a bit and sew things down to make the pocket become a pocket. I wanted to make it as long as I could, but not run out of yarn, of course. I think I hit a good point for that. I have 10.4 grams of yarn left, and there doesn’t seem to be much to the collar finishing, and sewing won’t use much either. The ball does look a little small and sad. I got a little anxious before I bound off the body, but I forged ahead.


Of course, I could report back in a day or two when my sweater is dry that this was a total disaster and I should have made the body shorter, but I’ll cross my fingers and hope that doesn’t happen.

9 thoughts on “I’m a gambler

    • I’m only 5’6″, so hopefully this will be ok on me. My yarn GREW when I wet-blocked it. I probably could have gotten another inch out of it, but I let it be. I think I have about 15″ from armpit to bottom of sweater on my Featherweight cardigans and I like them.

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