An obsession takes hold

What is it with me and stockinette projects? I do get a thrill out of completing complicated lace and cables. I love the way they look. I guess at this point in my life, I really love projects that I can pick up and put down without stressing about remembering a complicated pattern, or having one in front of me. And really, I think so many stockinette projects just look elegant.

I was corresponding with a new Ravelry friend, and of course I had to go and check out some of her projects. I saw this shawl/scarf/practically a blanket. I fell hard. Instantly. I’ve been wanting a giant shawl that could sort of double as a blanket at work because it’s freezing there, especially in the lactation room I use in the basement. The thing is, it takes about 1740 yards. EEP! That’s either a big yarn purchase, or many colors from my stash.

I decided to try to make do with what I have. I have stashed 5 skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Mountain Top Vail, in all coordinating natural colors. I originally got this to make an Aranami Shawl. Aranami looks gorgeous, but I just couldn’t take doing all of the little semi-separate pieces (with all of their subsequent ends to weave in). Soooooooo, I think this will be a good start for Nuvem. It’s not enough yardage. I need about 2.5 more balls to have the recommended yardage. There are more balls at my LYS in the three lighter colors. I won’t be able to make the width of the stripes even, but I think it will look interesting.

Which color progression is better? Either would start with the darkest color in the center and would move from right to left to the outside.

Right to left for center to edge color progression.

Right to left for center to edge color progression.


nuvem yarn-3

Right to left for center to edge color progression.

My only hesitation is that I never make things this neutral. Never. I hardly ever knit with neutral colors. Yet, the soft muted palate is appealing and I want to use this gorgeous yarn for something. It’s been wound and sitting in a drawer for a few months. I made just a few Aranami pieces before giving it up. I think it’s funny that some people have reservations about using really bright colors to knit garments and I’m hesitating about using really muted ones…  I know I’m mixing grey and brown…

I’m going to keep going with the darker grey at the center, but I’d love opinions about which progression to do. There isn’t more of the darker brown at my LYS, so that entire ball would likely become the ruffle. Expound away color theorists and fiber enthusiasts.

26 thoughts on “An obsession takes hold

  1. It’s funny. I’m the exact opposite and knitting with bright, bold colors makes me nervous. I always gravitate towards neutrals and soft colors. I love the subtle color palette you’ve come up with. I think I would go with the second option, but either will turn out beautifully.

    • I’m leaning towards the second option too. I love love love bright colors. Sometimes it vexes me later because there are only a couple of shirts I can wear a cardigan with, and some shawls go with hardly anything. I’ve made so many aqua/sea foam/turquoise things. That color is almost like a neutral for my wardrobe.

  2. Ooh. This is going to be lovely! I think I like the first progression best, since it appeals to my sense of symmetry and a consistent gradient (plus, if your LYS has lighter colours left, they would be easier to work in this way). I can’t wait to see it come together!

    • I think I’ll ultimately be happy either way. I’m going to think about it as I work on the dark grey. If I go with white in the middle I might have to supplement with a dark brown ball from another store. I guess it means I’m having a pretty awesome day if this is my biggest conundrum today!

  3. I really like the second option, as it keeps all the colours together, although I do like the idea of the lightest colour at the edge, but only if the gradient was consistently grey or brown, not mixed.

    • Yeah. I wish I hadn’t wound all of my balls originally in my excitement to make Aranami. I’d probably stick to just greys and white or browns and white.

  4. That is a beautiful project. I would decide based on which colour is the most flattering for you close to your face and put that close to one edge which you can plan to always wear the “right way up”. Hope this makes sense…

  5. What a unique shape for a shawl. I really like it! I’m more drawn towards the color progression with the white in the middle, but I’m not sure why. I used to be the neutral queen, but have been branching out to brighter and bolder colors. It’s really more fun to knit with those! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    • The white in the middle was my original impulse, even when it was going to be for Aranami. I’m thinking I might go that direction and just get one more ball of dark brown so my ruffle isn’t two different colors.

  6. I would put the colors you can get more of further out, to make the stripes a little more balanced. Also, the ruffle needs 20% of the yarn if you make the pattern as called for, so the one ball of dark brown wouldn’t be enough.

    Good luck! I started on a nuvem last year, and it’s become “the shawl that never ends” in my mind.

    • I have been considering that with the brown at the edge. I could always make a small ruffle and weigh the ball as I go to know how many rows I can get out if it. Or I could cheat on my LYS and get just one ball elsewhere…

    • I’ve never though of relationships with LYSs as strictly monogamous; it’d be hard for one store to meet anyone’s needs ALL the time.

      • Very true. I’ve worked there, so I have an even greater sense of loyalty. But yeah, there are sooooo many yarns out in the world. They can’t carry all of them.

  7. Awesome, I just started a Nuvem with Malabrigo Lace in Green. I found the yarn at a closing sale for one of my favorite yarn shops. It was sitting for the longest time until I found this. I am about halfway through my second ball and I love the pattern. It is so easy to knit away on. My only sadness is that it quickly became too big for subway knitting and has now been retired to non-portable bedside knitting. Good luck with your Nuvem. I can’t wait to see the end result!

    • Yeah. It is sad that this will be far too big soon to carry on my walk to work. I’m already practically a pack mule as it is. Great knit for reading and movies though.

  8. I have this same problem! I love knitting easy projects that don’t take too much effect in memorizing a pattern! If I were you I would check this pattern out.. I I made this cowl on and off for about a month and the finished product is easy to wear with anything, and I memorized the pattern within the first day.

  9. If you look at what non-knitters buy in a store, it’s almost all stockinette. Stockinette *is* elegant. I have a fondness for it myself, much as I love to knit cables. I think I like the second color progression better; it looks more balanced.

  10. Very classy shades whichever way you knit them!
    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Blog Award! Thanks for making me feel at home here 🙂

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