Stockinette meditations

Working on Nuvem is soothing. The alpaca/bamboo blend slides over my fingers and I only have to think about 8 increases every other row. I can do it while reading and mindlessness of it relaxes me. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding stockinette to work like a meditation from time to time.


I miss bright colors, but I believe this is going to be beautiful in the end. I decided to go with the color strategy shown in the second picture from the last post, and I’m now on the third color in Classic Elite Mountain Top Vail. From the center out the colors so far are slate, steel, and parchment.

I augmented my collection of neutrals with a cream color to transition from the white to the lighter brown color. I want to use just one ball of each color to show how the bands of color get larger and thinner as they change. I did buy a spare ball of the dark brown though, because the ruffle will eat up double the amount of yarn per row. I will have 7 balls, 50 grams apiece. I have 50 more grams of yarn than used in the pattern, but almost 100 less yards. I’m getting gauge. I might just leave it be, or I might have to revise at some point.


I’ve been reading a few books while I do these knitting meditations. Some of them aren’t noteworthy and are cheap (under $4) Amazon acquisitions that I finish in a day and a half. One that I will fess up to reading and loving so far is Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg. It wasn’t on the under $4 list, but it’s awesome and addresses many barriers women face in the workplace.

What are you reading this summer? Suggestions? I listen to audiobooks too, so feel free to suggest one specifically if it is particularly good as an audiobook.

13 thoughts on “Stockinette meditations

  1. Your nuvem is gorgeous! I haven’t tried that yarn yet but will soon i hope! I’ve listened to Amanda Knox’s audiobook (Waiting to be Heard) and am listening to Cooked by Michael Pollan right now (not as good as Omnivores Dilemma). One I would definitely recommend is Prisoner of Tehran–it’s about a woman who has been put in Evin prison in Tehran. VERY good. I can mail it you if you’d like as we’ve all read it here. Cheers!

  2. You are not alone in finding stockinette to be relaxing every now and then. I’m working on a few projects in stockinette, and they are lovely contrasts to my usual lace work. Your Nuvem looks really pretty, I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when done!
    And if you’re interested in any environmental books (like me) I have been enjoying “The Human, the Orchid, and the Octopus” by Jacques Cousteau.

  3. I think wp just lost my comment. Oh well. Long story short your Nuvem is coming along beautifully! You should read Prisoner of Tehran, about a woman who is put in Evin prison and is forced to marry her interrogater. I can mail it to you if you’d like–we’ve all read it here. Cheers!

    • WP didn’t lose it. When people comment I have to approve them on the first time to make sure it’s not spam. Once you’ve made one comment they should just appear. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m reading most of the books as e-books or audiobooks so I can knit at the same time, but that’s a very generous offer. 🙂

  4. This is beautiful! I have never thought about knitting nuvem – I thought I’d be wayyy to big and the ruffles somehow don’t speak to me. But I do love the colours you chose! It will be wonderful when it is done – and already as it grows. 😀

  5. I still don’t know how people can knit and read at the same time – it is very impressive! I’m not quite at that stage yet! The colours are lovely.

  6. I am always amazed when I am in need of meditation how I reach for my stockinette projects. Yours looks so inviting with those soft shades. Beautiful progress.

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