Golden delicious

Oh, I’m in delicious golden linen yarn heaven right now. If you haven’t worked with Euroflax, it’s a lovely lovely thing and it will only get more beautiful and soft each time you wash and wear it.

euroflax-2I have a confession, though. I’m being a total copycat. I was so inspired by Angela’s impeccable taste in both pattern and color that I couldn’t help myself. She’s making a Kit Camisole. I knew I would have to make one of those as soon as I saw it. Angela is using Euroflax, which is a fantastic summer yarn. I tried to pick another color, really, I did. I have already used the aqua, brown, and willow colors for projects. I like the French blue and champagne colors, but Hand Held didn’t have enough of either of those colors. I bit the bullet and got the golden rod. Angela lives in a different country, so at least we won’t run into each other on the streets looking like twins. Actually, that might be kind of fun. Check out her blog. It’s great.

euroflaxThe skeins are actually two different dye lots, but they’re SO CLOSE that I don’t think it will be obvious in the garment at all. I’m not telling you which skein is different. The dyeing seems so consistent.

I might allow myself to swatch for the project, but while I’m at home I still want to work like crazy on my Nuvem. It’s getting too big to haul to work, but I want to keep going while I have momentum.

Happy Friday!


27 thoughts on “Golden delicious

  1. I love this! I actually kind of wish we could run into each other wearing our matching tops, but I suppose I can settle for watching your progress online 🙂

    • It doesn’t grow much with wear in my experience. I didn’t wet block my swatch, but from working with it before it seems like what your swatch is dry is what you get, so I’m trying to be as accurate as possible from the get-go.

    • Euroflax is pretty inflexible to knit with, but it is so wonderful for a garment. I’ve made a skirt and two tunics with it. They wear incredibly well and go through the washer and dryer w/ no extra care. Well worth the price.

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