Hello, July Birthday Sale!

This month I’m turning 32. So far, I’ve really enjoyed my 30’s. Last year I had a baby, got married, moved into an adorable (but tiny) house, got published in Knitty, and became a doctoral candidate for my counselor education degree. It was full of amazing changes. I’m hoping this year will bring even more goodness as I work on my dissertation and build my clientele for my private practice.


To celebrate, I’m making all of my for-sale patterns 32% off until my birthday (July 14th) since I’ll be 32 this year. If you want to take advantage of the offer, use Happy32 as the coupon code in Ravelry.

12 thoughts on “Hello, July Birthday Sale!

  1. Happy birthday! I turned 30 this year and have to say I’m pretty pleased with all the changes so far. It helps when you have smiles like those and those tiny toes to love on 🙂

    • Definitely agree about those baby toes. Mmmm! I haven’t minded anything about being in my 30s. I think I’ve felt more grounded and confident so far, and that’s pretty awesome.

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