The wonderful world of baby knits.

I feel like I’ve really lost the sock mojo I had last summer and a lot of the fall, but it’s mostly been replaced with the desire to knit endless baby garments.

I’m inspired to knit this Sproutlette Dress:


Picture by tanisfiberarts on Ravelry.

thanks to Angela’s cute example. I don’t have the yardage in a single skein of sock yarn for that, so it would require some kind of purchase.

I could knit these adorable overalls for Z using some yarn I already have in my stash.

on the go-veralls by Accordionmama

Picture by Accordionmama on Ravelry

I’m also in love with a little cardigan called Ice Cream Sundae. It’s only available as a kit right now, but the pattern will be available in August. It’s gorgeous. I probably have enough yarn in my stash, so I’m holding out for the pattern by itself for now.

Picture by Lionnessknits on Ravelry.

Picture by Lionnessknits on Ravelry.

Any stinkin’ adorable baby knits you’ve noticed lately?

If you feel like making a little baby tunic, my Ruffaluffagus pattern, as well as all my others, are on sale (32% off) till the 14th for my birthday. Use the code Happy32 to get your discount.

15 thoughts on “The wonderful world of baby knits.

  1. I think Sproutlette is nearly as cute as your own Ruffaluffagus 🙂 I’m not sure about knitted overalls – won’t crawling spoil the knees? The cardi is very cute but the neck is quite high – I think it’s more suited to an older child. Many babies and toddlers don’t actually have much neck!

    • Crawling could definitely spoil the knees on the overalls, but in my case, Z will be walking any day now! I think she’ll most definitely be walking by September or October, likely the first chance to wear these.

      As for the cardi and the high neck…you’re probably right. I’ll keep that in mind.

  2. Those overalls would be adorable on Zooey! Sproutlette actually took less yarn than I was expecting. I used about 2/3 of a skein of Malabrigo Sock, so you might be okay.

    I have also had waning sock mojo lately. I’m feeling generally restless about my projects at the moment, though, so it’s probably less about them than it is about me…

    • Hmmm…maybe I could get away with using a larger skein of sock yarn then…like one with 450 yards or something. I’ll think about it.

      I’m restless about projects too. Maybe it’s summer. I want to be so pumped to work on Kit, but the linen makes me feel sooooo sloooooow.

  3. Oh my, these are all so cute! I just started knitting your Ruffaluffagus pattern, my first baby knit, and I am loving it very much =]

  4. I just finished a Sproutlette. I thought the scalloped eyelet cast off a little tedious though… The Ice scream sunday pattern is really cute! There will be many of them I think! I will wait for the pattern too!

  5. I love Icecream Sundae, I can see why you’re keen for the pattern.

    I guess my first size baby patterns are too small for your little one. I’ve another design in the pipeline though that has more than one size.

  6. Heartmelting-ly cute! It’s probably just the coffee that’s making me think this way, but the three as a set would be the ultimate baby shower gift, right? Baby knitwear for every occasion!

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