Summer, stay.

Time flies too, too quickly. I can’t believe it’s already July. This month is full of fun and challenges. I have a big bite of my dissertation proposal to finish and polish before it goes to my dissertation chair, Zooey is turning ONE (how is that possible already?), I turn 32, and we traveled this week to see some family members that we don’t see often enough. One of these family members is my brother’s girlfriend, Brenna. She was kind enough to meander around the yard taking pictures of me in this giant shawl, Nuvem.

nuvem-3It’s a miracle that I kept going through those insanely long ruffle rows, but I told myself that the ball knits up just as quickly even if the row is really really long. I was finishing a ball (236 yards) in about 2-4 days depending on how much time I had available to knit.

nuvem-4Each row took slightly over 7 grams. I left a little over 12 grams to bind off. Judging from other Ravelry users with helpful notes (thank you!), that was enough. I had one gram left over!  I went up 3 needle sizes for a bind off and bound off somewhat loosely.

nuvem-2This shawl is a lovely 58″ by 68″ size. I was a little worried that it would seem too thick to wrap around my neck since Classic Elite Mountaintop Vail is more like a fingering weight than a lace weight, but it feels fine wrapped any way.

nuvemI ended up using one skein each of slate, steel, parchment, sand, and adobe (from center out), and I used two skeins of camel since I knew the ruffle would gobble up a ton of yarn.

Here is a second representation of its size:

nuvem-5Seems like it could work well as a personal blanket too. I put together the 32″ and 24″ cables in my set of Addi Clicks to knit most of this project when it quickly overwhelmed at 40″ needle. The stitches had little room to move at the end, but the way they were packed on the needle and ready to go made them knit quickly.

nuvem-6I blocked it lightly by hanging it over my shower curtain rod and steaming it gently. Alpaca does not have as much elasticity as many wool fibers. I thought it best to avoid a wet block for this project. I’m pleased with the result, though I could still work on a couple of tiny spots with ladders from working on one 40″ circular at the beginning.

Summer, take your time. Let’s keep it slow.

If you feel like pattern shopping, my birthday sale only goes till the 14th of this month. Use the code Happy32 for 32% off all of my paid patterns.

36 thoughts on “Summer, stay.

    • Thanks! I feel like I should start subtracting bits of my knitting time to get more of the dissertation done…but knitting is just so much more fun!

  1. I love it. These photos are great. I have been wearing mine a surprising amount considering it is pretty warm here (for the UK anyway). I’ve been wearing it drapes over my shoulders and looped under my arms and tied together at the back. It makes a great makeshift caridgan and stays put. It just covers my shoulders and arm tops nicely so I don’t crisp in the rare sun. Then when I wrap it all the way around me it’s warm. It’s rather strange how versatile it is!

  2. This is amazing (I know, I told you on ravelry already) – the pictures are so beautiful and great! Now, THAT made me think about knitting a nuvem, too … let’s see. 😉

  3. The shawl looks absolutely lovely and I think you must have a lot of patience to knit something so big using such fine wool – especially when you have so many other things to occupy your time…and mind. Well done you!

    • The mindless knits are the ones I make the most progress on because I can do them and work on other things at the same time. Luckily, there are a plethora of patterns that take little focus. 🙂

  4. This looks fantastic! I love the stripes and it looks like just the right gauge to wear a bunch of ways.

    And I agree. Summer is somehow flying. What happened to those slow lazy days I remember as a kid?

  5. You have sure gone back to slim..seeing ur side jean views! After-baby…I really love the covering up photo too…it is substantial..head to toe! Nice QUICK knitting!

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  7. have this one on the top of my list, i dont use a lot of lace but understand this one needs to be most are in a solid so it is nice to see yours in multi, love it

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