Hello, 32nd year of life.

I’m 32 today. It’s been a great birthday so far. I got to have a date night with my lovely husband last night, and I’m about to go to brunch in a few minutes. Since brunch is my favorite kind of meal, that feels pretty spectacular.

As for my knitting…I’ve been working on Kit pretty diligently.

Kit camisole-2

I”m about an inch and a half to two inches into the front after the back bind off. You can see in the following pic that my linen stitch gets much neater when worked flat, rather than in the round.

Kit camisole-6Here’s a quick shot of the back:

Kit camisole-5I also want to show you a cute little fabric bucket I won from a Knitsofacto post. Thanks, Annie! The bucket comes from a site called Cozy Memories. I love the stitching. My beloved yarn bowl met its demise recently. I’m waiting to find the perfect one, but this little fabric bucket is pretty cute and useful in the meantime.

Kit camisole-3Today is also the last day to get 32% off my patterns by using the code Happy32. Hope you have a wonderful summer day!



17 thoughts on “Hello, 32nd year of life.

  1. Happy Birthday! My linen stitch also got much neater when worked flat – I’m curious to see if it will even out after washing…

    I hope your day is lovely!

  2. Happy Birthday! So glad the bucket got to you okay, and in time for your big day … clearly the random number generator knew you’d be celebrating even though I didn’t!

    Thirty two is a wonderful age to be, sadly I am no longer thirty two, in fact I haven’t been for some time!

  3. Happy belated birthday. The bucket is great. Love your blog. I have been following if for a month or so. Check out ours at mountainstreetarts.com

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