Where do those weekends go?

I really meant to have a finished pic of Kit up today, but somehow the weekend disappeared too quickly and that didn’t happen. I’ve worn it twice since blocking it last week. It’s comfortable and I love it. It seems like it will wear well with jeans, shorts, and skirts, so I anticipate wearing it a lot for the rest of the summer.

Time is flying! Z’s birthday party is in a couple of weeks and I’m totally flummoxed by party prepping. I will not look at Pinterest. I will not look at Pinterest. I will not look at Pinterest. It’s just a first birthday. Phew. Ok. I had to write that down. I have to periodically give myself these kinds of affirmations.

How about some knitting? Well, I had some leftover Euroflax in a couple of colors, so I’m whipping up a little linen dress for Z. The birthday girl needs a new dress, of course, and linen is something she might actually be able to wear before fall.

bday dress

I will probably write the pattern up when I’m done. I loved the half-linen stitch on Kit, so I’m incorporating a little of that on the edges of this dress. Knitting this dress (or knitting in general) are the most calming parts of my day.

Right now my dissertation proposal is screaming at me again, so I’d better go pretend that I love it as much as knitting for a reasonable stretch of time.

7 thoughts on “Where do those weekends go?

  1. Those two colors look awesome together. It’s going to be such a cute dress. I just started thinking about knitting a lovie for the little one I watch who has a first birthday coming right about a month after Z’s. It’s hard enough coming up with a gift for a first birthday, let alone planning one. Good luck!

  2. I also like to remind myself that I do not need to look at Pinterest to plan things because my life does not need to be photographable. Takes some of the pressure off.

    How hard would it be to write the pattern you are working on here baby thru adult sizes? Because I might need one.

  3. I love this. I have also been wearing my Kit a fair bit, but alas, no photos yet either.

    That little dress is going to be so cute, and you’d sort of match (but not in an obvious way) if you wore your Kit to the party!

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