A summer top and cooler weather

Did you want to see a finished summer top? Oh, ok. Well here you go! My Kit Camisole is finished and I looooooooove it. It’s funny that the weather has been rainy and mid to low 70’s Fahrenheit lately. It’s altogether pleasant and makes me want to knit all the time.

finished kit-11I was a little worried about running out of yarn until I got to the straps and it became obvious I would be fine. I had 76 yards left of my Euroflax Sportweight in golden rod and it went straight into this baby dress. I did request more hand massages from my fella than usual while working on this top, but I am happy to report that my hand are intact and doing well after many hours with this inelastic yarn.

finished kitIn an earlier post, I reported that my gauge was a bit off and I might do extra decreases. Well, I kept measuring and I wasn’t consistently off, so I left my horizontal gauge alone, but did add more rows to make sure I had the correct length. I do find that measuring with my Addi gauge tool seems more accurate than using a tape measure. The pattern calls for a size 3 needle, but I used a 1 to get gauge since Euroflax is a little heavier than the prescribed yarn.

finished kit-10

Other than having a squirrely gauge, I knit the pattern as written. I enjoyed it very much. When switching from the linen stitch at the bottom band to just the center panel, I found that the instructions for the next row of linen st to use did not work for me. I just went with what looked right for the pattern. This happened again when I switched from center-back panel to full round of linen stitch again on the body. I ended up having to do the opposite of the suggested rounds each time. I made the 39″ size. It mostly covers my bra. Sometimes one of the straps peeks out of the back, but not enough to really bother me.

finished kit-4

I see myself wearing this as much as twice a week for the rest of the summer. Ah, linen. Now, perhaps a hemp top? I have 600 yards in my stash that are ready to be an object. And even though it’s super hot out, baby knits made with wool aren’t too hot to work with. I just saw this darling cardigan on Ravelry the other day, and it’s cute enough to make me want to try a steek!

I am working on the pattern for Z’s simple dress. We have many more adorable pictures of her, but I’m saving them for the post with the pattern release. I couldn’t resist including a couple of us together. I still have to think of a pattern name. Feel free to throw out suggestions in the comments!

21 thoughts on “A summer top and cooler weather

  1. I love it! I’m going to have to pester L to get a photo of me in mine (which I wish was slightly longer, but otherwise is perfect). You and Z look so cute together in your coordinating outfits.

    • Thanks! Tell him the blog world is eagerly awaiting these pictures! I also wish mine was slightly longer. Before I blocked the heck out of it, it seemed as wide as it was long. I have no idea what it will look like if I throw it in the washer and dryer as I often do w/ Euroflax garments. It looked so gloriously long on the model, but I guess 15 3/4 inches isn’t that long on me.

    • I think I’m going to be skirting that line often with knits for us…coordinating colors or fibers, but not exactly alike. I love having pieces that we can wear together. Someday she might think it’s dorky, but for now she can’t say a thing about it!

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