Beatnik boo boo

beatnikCan you see my mistake? I posted this on Instagram (I’m knitten) and it wasn’t immediately obvious to some, but I’ve been staring these cables down for about 10 inches, so it glared at me. The top cable isn’t crossed. Oy. I frogged an entire repeat and began it again.

beatnik-2And it’s back. Plus a little bit. This is my project when my brain can handle it. Last week and the beginning of this one are ALL ABOUT DISSERTATION PROPOSAL. That’s really me just shouting at myself as a reminder. I’d prefer to keep knitting, of course.

I’ve finished the back increases and I’m just hanging in until I hit 16 inches for the arm hole bind offs. I decided to make the sweater 1/2 inch longer than specified for my size (36″). I’m able to do most of the cables without a cable needle. Row 7 of the chart is the only one I sometimes pull out a large stitch marker and use as a cable needle, but I can get away without it if necessary. That makes this more portable, even though 99% of it has been worked from the comfort of my couch or bed.

Also, I finished a pair of socks! Matt’s birthday socks are bound off. I don’t have sock blockers in his size, and they don’t really need it, so I’m going to release them to him (aka the wild) as soon as I get some pics for the blog.

Did you want to see a baby eating cake? Our birthday party was rained out, and postponed, but we let her try out some homemade cake anyway. I made the Nutella Yogurt cake from Radically Simple, and I made a strawberry buttercream icing. I’ll replicate it for the party again next weekend.



11 thoughts on “Beatnik boo boo

  1. I’m looking real hard and can’t find it. But, I will say, if it was me,and I saw the mistake, I would frog back. In addition, being as paranoid as I am, I would probably put a lifeline every repeat so I wouldn’t have to rip back all the way.

  2. It’s looking beautiful so far! I probably would have kept going, convinced that I wouldn’t be bothered by it…and then rip it out 5 inches later. Good on you for sucking it up and going back straight away.

    Good luck with your dissertation proposal!

  3. Beautiful sweater. I sympathise with your frogging, it doesn’t matter if something is still symmetrical, still flows, and looks totally intentional, if I KNOW it’s wrong, it goes!

  4. It looks lovely. It will be worth all the ripping and the thinking when it’s done. When I was knitting my Beatnik, every time I made a mistake (constantly – seriously, all the time), I would always have rip back to the beginning of the repeat because I could never quite figure out which stitch went where.

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