Dissertation proposal day!

I am still knitting, on Beatnik, on Gemini, and maybe something else that I won’t mention yet. I will have finished pictures of my mom’s socks any second now…. but until 2 o’clock today most of my brain is focused on preparing for my dissertation proposal! I plan to incorporate knitting into my dissertation as a therapeutic technique. When I came into my office this morning, this was on my desk:

9544686427_db6b6f9e03_cI don’t know who left it, but I’ll consider it a good sign.

Don’t forget, if you want to grab one of my patterns on sale, MANY are 50% for a limited time. Use the code BACK2SCHOOL at the checkout. The patterns that are on sale include TuxedoPrufrockBetwixtWendingRuffaluffagusThe Unexpected Hat, and my newest, Firefly Seeker.

11 thoughts on “Dissertation proposal day!

  1. You can do it! May the Force be with you 😉
    On a slightly related note, what happened to the pattern for Matt’s sweater? Been wondering about that for a while now…
    Good luck!

    • eeeeek… He’s also wondering when I will rip it out and reknit the shawl collar to be wider… It’s next on the pattern-writing agenda. I’m just trying to swallow my men’s sizing fears and go for it. My goal is to have it ready mid-September.

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