Brain exhaustion

I made it through my dissertation proposal! I can begin my somewhat altered study. Phew. Thank goodness. My brain is tired and I’d like to send it on vacation for a little while. Stockinette usually helps with this, so I think a few rows of that might do the trick.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my mom’s socks were patiently waiting for a photo moment.

moms socksThe yarn is Zauberball Crazy in colorΒ 1537 Orange, Red, Teal, Black. It pretty much does all the talking.

moms socks-2Even though my cats live outside, we are somehow never free of little cat hairs. Never.

moms socks-3I used most of the yarn. I think I probably have about 5 grams left, because sometimes you just need to bind off and be done. It was fun to watch the patterns emerge. That is all.

12 thoughts on “Brain exhaustion

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Can you have a little holiday for now until you start your research and the writing? The socks are simply beautiful, really, really nice. πŸ˜€

    • I think my brain is on a slight holiday, whether I like it or not. I will have to wait on the Institutional Review Board for approval before I can begin my study, so that’s a bit of a break at least.

  2. I have got a serious case of yarn envy πŸ˜› those socks are pretty sweet, this is the year that graduating to socks is on my knit bucket list, moving up from baby blankets and washclothes, whoohooo πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful to see this yarn knitted up – I visited Brisbane last week and bought 4 balls of this yarn from Tangled Yarns – couldn’t resist their gorgeous colourways. I didn’t see this one, otherwise it would have been 5!

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