Gemini lover

gemini finished-4Matt is a Gemini, therefore, I am a Gemini lover. My Gemini sweater is off the needles and on my body. I did a little steam blocking for this one, because it didn’t seem to need much manipulation and I wanted to wear it immediately. I used Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton DK, which is no longer made. I got it at deep discount about 3 years ago at Hand Held, so I think this sweater came in at about 15 dollars.gemini finished-2I added some waist shaping. At about 6.5 inches from the armpit I decreased 4 stitches. From the center of the armpit, I counted 4 stitches out on each side and decreased right before and after those stitches. I knit 3 rows, then repeated the decrease again. I knit until I was about 9.5 inches from the armpit, then I increased in the same place, and repeated an increase in another 3 rows. I increased as written in the pattern after that.

gemini finished-5To figure out where I should put these increases and decreases I held a tape measure from my armpit to my waist and noted where my waist curved in and back out again. It seemed to be at 6.5 inches, then 9.5 inches respectively, so I knew I wanted my waist shaping to occur in those few inches. I often measure from armpit to where I want the sweater to hit and compare this to the sweater schematics. I have a long waist, so I usually add an inch or two to a lot of patterns to make it more wearable for me.

I love that this sweater is reversible.

My serious pose.

My serious pose.

When I got to the bottom ribbing, I counted my stitches and it turned out I had been 1 stitch short since the underarms, or maybe even before. Oh well! It fits the way I want and no one will be able to tell. I just added a stitch and went on my merry way.
gemini finished
I was torn about the sleeves. As I kept trying on the sweater, I really liked the sleeves the length they were. The pattern called for 6 rounds of stockinette, then 6 rounds of ribbing. I decided I liked the sleeves shorter, and I also liked the slight roll of the stockinette, plus, I was running short on yarn after adding length to the body. So I picked up the sleeves, knitted 1 row and bound off. I’m happy and I think it’s pretty flattering.

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10 thoughts on “Gemini lover

    • Great! Hope it works out for you. I love that cardigan. It’s been in my favorites for awhile and it looks soooooooo cozy. It could easily be shorter and still be fantastic.

  1. This is beautiful on you! I want to make the long sleeved version of this.

    I also have a long waist and am just starting to knit sweaters for myself. I always have to make sure to measure, measure, measure. I did in the first one and then after I put it on, I had to rip it back and knit 2 more inches….good thing it was top down!

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