Many balls in the air, only some of them yarn.

What a week!… I’ve been alternating between excitement, anticipation, nervousness, fear, and fatigue. I think this whole dissertation reality is setting in. It will be fun, but also a tremendous amount of work. I know some of you out there feel my pain. I’d say more about my study, but I think that’s best left until it’s completed. It involves knitting and that is enough goodness to outweigh any negativity. If all goes well, I should be able to begin the study at the end of September.

Right now I’m juggling a lot of different roles and priorities like being a good mom to Z, being a good partner to Matt, a good friend to those that I’m close to, kicking ass at a dissertation, designing knit wear to fuel my creativity and passion for the craft, and helping others achieve their fullest potential as a licensed counselor. I switch back and forth between these roles a lot, but I love each of them. This involves some compromise too. Unless someone is coming to visit, Matt and I can ignore large swaths of clutter for some amount of time, and neither of us goes out of our way to create gourmet meals (or even slightly creative ones) on a regular basis. Each human only has so much energy to expend at one time. It’s a choice where you spend it.

Enough of that tangent. How about some knitting talk? Beatnik is my SSKAL project. It has a deadline of September 24th, but if I don’t make it, I’m already planning to forgive myself, and perhaps comfort myself with yarn. Hahahah.beatnik updateI’m done with the back. I decided to start the sleeves next to give myself a break from the brainy cables.

beatnik update-5I’ll likely be making these about 1″ longer or more. Overall I’m making the small (36″) size, but I’m making the sleeves XS because so many people seem to have really baggy sleeves in the finished projects, and even on the sample for the pattern. I’m still fairly new at the mechanics of set-in sleeves, but I’m hoping if it’s narrower, but still has a long enough sleeve cap, this will alleviate some of the bagginess. It’s all an experiment, right?

This experiment bores Seymour.

This experiment bores Seymour.

Mmmmmmm, cables.

Mmmmmmm, cables.

I plan on ripping out Matt’s shawl collar for this design and reknitting it to be wider. Then I’ll decipher my notes and write up the pattern. Fridica asked about it the other day and I think I just need to stop being a chicken and write the pattern.  I’m aiming for mid-September, but it sounds like that’s shaping up to be a crazy month, so we’ll see.

In addition to that, I have a b-day sweater to knit by the end of September (2 yr old size). I’m considering making this one, styling it like a fox and possibly narrowing the shoulders. I’ve realized that kiddo shoulders are pretty narrow. Knit Picks has a new superwash worsted weight wool (Wool of the Andes), and you can get a free skein from them by using the code TRYSUPERWASH from now until the 28th. I bought Persimmon Heather and Oyster Heather. I think it’s going to be a fun knit.

Next I’ll be posting about a lace project I was keeping secret! I gave it to the recipient today, so I’ll blog about it soon. I’m terrible at keeping secrets, but I only had to for about 9 days from start to finish.

All is well. All is well. All is well. I’m just going to go with the flow. Have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “Many balls in the air, only some of them yarn.

  1. Girl, you’ve got a lot going on! I’ll be thinking about you! I think it’s really wise to know which balls to let drop, so to speak. Clean when you really need to, but otherwise let it go. It’s just not possible to do EVERYTHING, so it’s smart to prioritize the things that HAVE to happen, and then add in some things that you enjoy.

  2. Cassy, how someone you doesn’t know you i.r.l. can be so proud of you? I don’t know the answer. But, I am. Well done to keep so many balls in the air…and to drop only small ones. Hanging in there–there is always knitting (and beer) and babies and family to make life sweeter.

  3. I was impressed with how quickly your Beatnik was going before knowing everything on your plate; now I’m convinced that you’re able to knit in your sleep. Or don’t sleep at all. Good luck and enjoy all of it!

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