My SSKAL project is finished! I made Beatnik, by Norah Gaughn. The cables were fun, fun, fun. I made a few mistakes and had to rip back, but on the whole, it was pleasant. You can read more of my notes here on my Ravelry project page. I used Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn in Pyrite Heather. This sweater will match Matt’s cardigan and Z’s pullover. I promise, there will be dorky family photos of all of us in these sweaters as soon as it is cool enough to wear them.

The photos are super grainy because I was eager to shoot in the early morning light when it was cool enough to actually wear the sweater, but I probably should have waited for a little more sun to arrive.


I made only slight modifications. I think I added a total of 1/2″ to the body, because I have a long waist. I made the size XS sleeves to help ease some of the bagginess at the top I noticed on others’ sleeves in Ravelry projects. Looking back, I think I could have maybe just altered some of the sleeve cap shaping to fix this, ending with a narrower cap at the top, but making the sleeve in a smaller size seemed to work as well. I made the sleeve cap slightly longer, doing the decreases every 3 rows, rather than every 2. I also added a bit of length to the sleeves, about 2 extra inches.


I’m so glad I participated in SSKAL. It got me working on a sweater that I can wear all fall and winter. It made for some sweaty hands on my part a few summer evenings, but we actually had a lot of freakishly cooler and rainy weather this July and August, so it worked out well.

This was the first evening:

lake-2And then the next morning there was a lot of fog on the lake:

lake-5It was a hard spot to leave.

23 thoughts on “B-b-b-b-b-Beatnik!

    • Nope. I did it as written. I know there are people that have, and I think you can find some mods written up on Ravelry project pages if you’re interested. I don’t mind the seams and I like the portability of separate pieces.

  1. Sigh, I love that sweater. Yours turned out beautifully and can’t wait for those dorky photos (I would totally do that too).

    I wouldn’t have blamed you if you’d stayed because that right there is the dream. That fog!

  2. Wow you are amazingly talented at knitting! I’ve never been inspired to knit a sock before, You make them so beautiful I might just have to try it!!! šŸ™‚ Keep up the craft!

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