Beginnings have so much potential

toddler socksTeeny bikini? Nope. Sock toes. For Zooey. Last year I made her a tiny pair when she was 6 weeks old, when I first felt the potential chill of autumn. That time has returned. The pair I made her last year slid right off her foot. Now that’s she’s so very close to walking independently, her feet move more like feet do, and maybe these things can stay on this time.

The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in Ochre, left over from this sweater. I think I will knit in this color until the heel flap is completed, then switch to some Whirly Fig leftovers from Z’s Little Oak sweater. My Socktober is fairly dedicated to toddler socks at this point. This is the start of my third pair since the beginning of the month… They get kind of addictive.

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog because my computer is being repaired, and I have no way to process my photos without it, and I dislike relying on phone photos. My computer should be back soon this week and I have updates on Oshima, Z’s Halloween costume, and I’ll show you more sock goodness. My three for-sale sock patterns are still 30% off till the 16th. Use the code SOCKTOBER at checkout to apply the discount.

It’s Monday. Hang in there.

6 thoughts on “Beginnings have so much potential

  1. I’ve kept myself from blogging because I don’t like using phone pictures, but I don’t want to invest in a camera. So I end up not blogging, which is not my ideal resolution.

    Those will be the cutest socks around.

  2. Are you knitting these two-at-a-time socks from the same ball of yarn? If so, how do you do that without the yarn getting all tangled (as you can tell by the question, I’ve never been successful at it!).

    I’ve yet to knit a complete pair of socks…but I’ve been trying to do a pair for myself. Maybe I should try a ‘toddler’ size, I might just get them done!

    • I just have to be mindful to move both strands to the outside of the needles when I turn in magic loop and unwind the twisting strands every once in awhile. You can always ball up the yarn in two separate balls, and then you can untwist as necessary.

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