Lost and found

First, some winners! Congrats to Knockonwool, Sewjessica, and Shoelaceswitcher, as their comment numbers were chosen by a random number generator.  I’ll be sending you Ravelry messages and you can tell me which of my patterns you would like! The men’s cardigan whose name I am still mulling over should be back from the tech editor this afternoon, and released as soon as I can get better pictures of it. Hooray!

Phew! Last week I sent Z to school in her Little Oak cardigan, which still fits her since I made it super long last year. She came home in a hoodie that was in her diaper bag, and the sweater was missing. I didn’t think much of it until I picked her up the next afternoon and they hadn’t found it. Then I started to worry, and get sad. I hadn’t really absorbed the possibility of these knits getting lost yet. I know some might wear out, or get stains. They’re being worn by an active little toddler. It seems much more disheartening to lose items. I still lament a beautiful hat that I made, never even got a picture of, and lost. I would replicate it, but it was out of some hand dye that I haven’t been able to find since. I even get sad when characters in books and movies lose things sometimes.

My friend Jenni had some lovely labels made for me to put in Z’s sweaters, but I hadn’t gotten around to it.

labeledLesson learned! They’re going in all of her sweaters, tout suite! They’re made by It’s Mine Labels. Even though this isn’t a guarantee that all lost sweaters make it home, it can help, and they’re super cute. I’ve blurred out our phone number up there, but you get the idea. Now I just have to get myself to sew all of them in. Knitting is so much more fun…

**Edited to add:**I forgot to say that the sweater was found! It ended up on a very high shelf when coats and diaper bags were moved out of the reach of toddler hands. I’m very grateful to Z’s teachers for looking so hard and for their patience with me each day that I asked again, and again.

13 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put tracking devices on them, I would also put them on everything I give away……so maybe not a good idea…..for those I give it to.
    The thing is though, even though I can knit up another just like the one that got lost, there are so many other things I want to knit so it always goes to the bottom of my list.

    Love the label, very cute, and have fun sewing them in! 🙂

    • Tracking devices? Oh goodness. “Hey, why is that hat still sitting in your closet?” hahaha.

      You’re right…we can console ourselves by knowing we can replicate most knitted things, but I agree…most of the time I’ve moved on.

  2. I never thought of my kids losing their knits. My daughter was at a home daycare so that really wouldn`t happen there but now she is at a centre. I put labels in her extra clothes that are in her diaper bag and her jacket, etc but I never though of putting one in her knits. The labels I have are sticky ones though so I don`t want to put that in her knits. I`m off to search for Canadian sew in labels!

    My husband once told me about how he brought a new car to show and tell when he was little and when he brought it home at the end of the day the top of the car was missing and they never ever found it. I don`t know why but I get WAY TOO SAD about it whenever I think about it. Maybe because he told me about it when I was pregnant…

  3. I gave away all the things I knit and sewed for my son twenty plus years ago, and know I am kind of sorry because of new friends having new babies.. I like the tracking device, would be great to track down some of those extraordinary designs 🙂

  4. Those labels are so smart. Obviously they’re great for knitting items but, heaven forbid she wander off, someone will have a way to reach you. (I wandered away from my dad at a mall when I was 2, at Christmas, and he just about lost his mind trying to find me – I was sitting on a bench talking to strangers.)

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