Cheesy family photo time!

famOh yes. Here we are in our family sweaters, made out of the same yarn (Cascade 220 in Pyrite Heather). I’ve been waiting for this. Zooey’s sweater is Neighborly by Jennifer Casa, my sweater is Beatnik by Norah Gaughn, and Matt’s sweater is Bespoken by me! fam-5I still have about 5 and a half balls of this yarn left. Oy! I guess I can keep making Z sweaters that match ours for a couple of years.

Bespoken was in the top 20 patterns on Ravelry for part of the weekend and today! I’m so excited that it’s well loved. It’s still 25% off till Thursday at midnight with the code NAKNISWEMO.


37 thoughts on “Cheesy family photo time!

  1. ..these photos are wonderful, beautiful happy family you have and those knitted garments are really nice too..where are we suppposed to focus…on the people we read about or the knitting we are also connected with? A quandary….I have made an awesome screen saver of pattern 1’s photo cropped…right on a portion of Z’s dress..matt’s hand and the left side of sweater…all green and knitting and a hand for contrast!

  2. I friggin’ love this! I definitely think you should make Z a new matching sweater for the next couple of years (since you have the yarn anyway).

  3. So cheesy I love it! This is what happens to us when we have kids, no matter how much we think it won’t before we have them, we just turn cheesy……..and I think it’s the best thing ever!

    On and by the way, I love all the sweaters, and the color is awesome!

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