Little old man sweater

Here is a secret project, now freely revealed! This is Gramps by tincanknits. It was a fun and quick knit. I was knitting my tail off the last couple of weeks to finish this and Z’s Halloween costume in time for the birthday party for Z’s friend Oliver. He’s the recipient of Gramps. I didn’t snap a picture of him wearing it, but I did make sure to take a couple of pics before wrapping it. It took me a little over 2 weeks from start to finish, as I balanced it with working on Z’s project, some other secret stuff, and getting 3 patterns out this month!! EESH!


I used Cascade 220 Superwash in Silver Gray and Sunshine Heather. At first I wasn’t sure of the colors, but then I remembered I had some adorable giraffe buttons from an Etsy shop that I got last year, and I was convinced that it would all work well together. I LOVE this shade of orange. I still have 3.5 balls left of it, which will definitely become a different sweater for Z.


The pattern was really straightforward. I ended up with two extra stitches before the arm separation somehow. They were on the two fronts, so I just let it be and kept going. I picked up 3 out of every 4 stitches on the front bands, rather than every stitch. I contemplated leaving off the pockets, since I doubt O will get much use out of them, but it made for a nice pop of color on the front.


I do love this sweater. I had to try it on Z of course. It looked so cute on her. It was hard to give away. I’m not gonna lie…I had last minute thoughts of just getting some excellent books for the kiddo and keeping the sweater for Z… Here is a shot of that from my InstagramIMG_20131026_150842I made the sleeves a bit longer, and the body a bit longer, but otherwise stuck to the 1-2 yr sizing. Our friends loved it. I love whipping up the baby knits. One of these days they’re all going to get bigger and it will be much harder to do them quickly. Then I will probably have to stop, but it’s fun for now.

13 thoughts on “Little old man sweater

  1. This is wonderful. I am a big fan of the colour combination gray/something bright and this is an excellent match. I do like the giraffe buttons, they are so cute! 😀

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