Oh, you pretty things!

Happy Wednesday! That video is of one of my very favorite David Bowie songs. I thought I would share it. That’s basically how I feel about this yarn:gynx bfl

EEEEEEE! I’ve definitely been on a purple kick lately. See evidence here and here. I read about this yarn on Susan B. Anderson’s blog. The yarn is Gynx BFL Sock in the colorway Extra. It was dyed to be part of a kit in celebration of the book Extra Yarn, which is possibly my favorite children’s book to read to Z.

An Etsy shop called Little Skein in the Big Wool has Happy Again kits with the yarn, a pattern specially made for the yarn, a stitch marker, a project bag, a sweet treat, and the book if you like. I couldn’t splurge on the kit (but it’s gorgeous), so I just got some of the yarn. I’m so in love with this color! It will be available from the shop until November 30, then possibly as a custom order from Gynx Yarns. I’m seriously considering getting more already.

Even though I should be working on NaKniSweMo and Matt’s sweater, I couldn’t help but cast on this yarn, almost immediately. It came in the mail on Saturday and I cast on the toes that evening. I’m just a little bit into the toes. Though the pattern created for this yarn is adorable, I think I’m going to make myself some Prufrocks. I gave away the sample pair I made.  I like how the yarn looks in this pattern: prufrock

I’m also excited about this yarn because I don’t think I’ve ever knit with BFL sock yarn before. It’s superwash, though I will wash it as I wash other socks that aren’t Opal and Regia yarns (soak in washer with Eucalan for an hour, spin out water, hang to dry). It’s not as soft as a merino, but I think it will wear really well. There are 438 yards on the skein. According to my rough estimation, I think I will be able to get a pair for me and Z from this skein. It’s not buttery soft like merino, but I need that in some of my sock yarns because the buttery soft ones are always the first to get holes, and I get sad when socks die. This yarn feels like it’s made to last.

Ok, ok. I should probably go back to being a slave to the sweaters for NaKniSweMo, but I couldn’t help but squeal over this yarn a little bit.

5 thoughts on “Oh, you pretty things!

  1. BFL is quite possibly my favourite sock yarn. I love the way it wears and the subtle shine. This is such a lovely colour too.

  2. I love Gynx yarns! I’ve never used her bfl, but I did order several skeins of organic merino during a recent sale and I just take them out to look at them once in a while- until I get a chance to knit them up. The colors slay me. Your socks will be so great.

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