The two week sweater!

I’m done ahead of schedule! Hurrah. Hooray for worsted weight knits. I know some knitters are keeping diligent count on the stitches to make sure they meet the requirement of 50,000 stitches. Honestly, I have no idea, but I’m assuming this does meet that.


I finished on Thursday (day 14) in the evening and got it on the blocking board right away. I might have turned up the heat just a little bit…and put a fast moving fan on it to help speed things along. By the time it was dry on Friday afternoon, we were in the midst of some downright lovely weather that only got lovelier over the weekend. I didn’t really get a chance to wear it till today, when the fall chill came back. Two week sweater!nanook-2-4

This was a fantastic piece to knit. It’s Nanook in Cascade 220 Lavender heather. I made the small size and did it as written, aside from doing the sleeves in the round (though that’s an option in the pattern), adding some waist decreases and increases in the back, reducing some of the front increases, as well as adding length to the sleeves and body.  I took pretty good notes on my Ravelry  project page if you’re curious about specific changes. I’m always a little vague about the exact numbers in the pattern, because I feel like that’s not my info to give away on a paid pattern. I try to be specific enough with my info that you can figure it out how to replicate my modifications if you have the pattern. You can see a little bit of the waist shaping in the picture below.


Nanook is pretty cozy. I’m still trying to figure out where I want to put some buttons, because I’d like to have that option. The button you see in the pictures is just two buttons sewn back to back that I stuck through a YO in the pattern. I thought it would be nice to have a movable button, but that doesn’t seem to be working out yet. I need to experiment more.

nanook-4-2These are super quick pictures taken immediately after I got home, while there was still a teeny bit of light. It’s much harder to find time to get well-lit pics this time of year, so these are a bit hasty, but oh well. nanook-3-4I’ll try to share another shot when I figure out the button situation, but I’m calling this baby done!

26 thoughts on “The two week sweater!

  1. LOVE it! I’m truly impressed with your speed. Beautiful sweater and beautiful color. I’m gonna have to try this one myself!

  2. Good job. I am always impressed at how fast you get things knitted up from their first viewing here to the last. Have you thought of using a fancy pin or one of those stick things (that might not be practical with Z) instead of a button? Just a thought. Hope you don’t mind.

  3. This is amazing! Really beautiful! The only downside of the “new” cardigan patterns for me is the missing button band – I like to be able to “button up” if I feel cold, ’cause you can’t wrap the garment around you and do something with your hands at the same time. 😉

    A friend of mine knit this, but wasn’t happy with the collar at all, so I think she wanted to frog it … But yours is beautiful! The colours suit you so well, and it worked out great. HOORAY! 😀

  4. Well done, this cardigan fits you so well! I totally understand what you feel, I was very proud myself to have knitted a dress and a sweater in a month 😉 (for Plucktember)

  5. Gorgeous – love the color! I’m looking forward to seeing your button placement. The one thing I feel this cardigan is missing (for me, anyway) is a good closure option, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Cassy – you have plenty of time to knit another sweater!! I would think one could calculate the total stitch count from the gauge alone – I couldn’t keep track of the stitches in an entire sweater! I can’t even keep track of stitches in half a row of one sock!

  7. Gorgeous! And such a great colour for this pattern. Don’t you love it when your stash suits your to-knit list so nicely?

    I still think you should use the time you have left to knit a matching (or similar) one for Z (Ice Cream Sundae is pretty close). Surely she has grown out of last year’s matching sweater and would like a new one 🙂

    • Hahahah. Yes. She grew out of last year’s matching sweater in about 5 minutes. I do have one full ball left that shall become something for her… but I also have the pressing deadline of Dec 12 to finish a sweater for Matt! Eeek!

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