Hugo is back

Hugo had a nice month-long time out when I realized it was going to be too small. It’s back on the needles, and we’re back in love. I just went up a size from each of the needles in the pattern. I picked it up again last weekend after Nanook was fully finished. The yarn is Cascade 220 (surprise, surprise, right?) in Mallard, more boon from last April’s anniversary sale at WEBS. hugo

I love the cables in Hugo. I especially love that I can do all of them without a cable needle, just by knitting the stitches out of order. I wasn’t doing this on the first attempt, but then I experimented a little and it works well. Knitting out of order probably works best with small cables (less than 3 stitches involved in the cabling).

hugo-3I added about 1.5 inches to the body to account for Matt’s height. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I was able hold it up to Matt and see exactly where the armholes should start.

hugo-2Maybe it’s slightly less fun not being able to wow him with a total surprise of a sweater on December 12th (our anniversary), but I’m much more content knowing this one will fit. I am making a size between the two smaller sizes for him. A 38″ would have negative ease on him, but a 41 3/4″ would have more than he’d like, so I’m making it about 40″. The back is done. I think I’ll start the sleeves next!

9 thoughts on “Hugo is back

  1. I just finished my Hugo and it is really lovely pattern to knit . I hope finished sweater is nice to wear also. I am giving mine as a gift to my brother in law so I hope he will like it . Your Hugo looks lovely and Cascade is a great yarn choice (looks great) to this pattern. Can´t wait to see your when you have finished it.

  2. While I love the idea of a surprise knit gift, in reality I’m way too paranoid about having wasted my hours and hours on something the receiver can’t/won’t wear. I’m sure he’ll still be thrilled to have it!

  3. Gah! What a perfect, perfect colour. I also love that the design echoes some of the details of Beatnick without being obvious about it. I can’t wait to see this finished!

  4. I knit Carl a birthday sweater every year. Because he gets to approve the pattern and the yarn, it’s never a secret. I’m finding it’s much more fun that way! He gets to see the process, hold it up, check the fit…it’s almost like we’re knitting it together 🙂

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