Forgotten knits

In the whirlwind of NaKniSweMo knitting I nearly completely forgot my beautiful Oshima, until I saw this Instagram picture of Cara‘s Oshima, and I remembered my sad little sweater, shoved in a project bag and set aside for almost a whole month. Unlike the misbehaving Hugo, Oshima wasn’t on an intentional time out. There were just so many deadline projects all in a row, and then NaKniSweMo started and it seemed appropriate to begin a new sweater for the challenge, so I pulled her out over the weekend and finished up the front…oshima

You can see the sleeves on this post. I just need to finish the back shaping (not much at this point), then I can put it together and work that glorious cowl neck! I did add about 3.5 inches to the body because it seemed way too short for my long-waisted torso. Look at this gorgeous shaping: oshima-2

Hugo is still on a deadline, yes, but maybe I can slip in some work on Oshima here and there. It feels like it’s only a day and a half of work at this point!

So many knits, so little time! My brain is working on designs too. Can I just retire from this dissertation work and go full-time with knitting already? Sigh. Back to the needles.

6 thoughts on “Forgotten knits

  1. I feel like I need this sweater! It just seems so cozy and wonderful, perfect for the winter. I don’t know why I get cold and I think the best way to get warm is to knit an entire sweater. I think it’s a knitter thing 😛

  2. This is going to be so lovely. I say finish Hugo, and then give yourself a weekend to finish Oshima at a leisurely pace without the pressure of anything else distracting you (or making you feel guilty). Then you and Matt can get photos of both of you in your new sweaters!

    I can’t wait to see this finished. That cowl is going to be so glorious.

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