Cyber Monday!

I just realized that I can participate in Cyber Monday, because I have patterns online for sale. Ha. How about 20% off all of my patterns until 24 hours from the time of this post? Let’s do it. No coupon code necessary.

As for knitting, I’m mostly working on Hugo sleeves. They seem to be taking forever, but I’m finally getting close to the armhole shaping, so that’s something. I should have a picture soon. It’s hard to grab good pictures after work these days! The light is nearly all gone by the time I get off work, and I slacked a bit over the holiday weekend.

Instead, I will show you some new sparkly toddler socks: IMG_20131202_095018I went to see Catching Fire yesterday and I was able to finish another pair (picture soon) and start these. I cheated a little bit and got the toes started at home because I thought that might be difficult in the dark. I finished the first pair to the bind off row and left the bind off for home, then picked these up. This is some leftover Dream in Color Starry in Melon Bomb. I love this yarn. This is from when Starry was made with actual little strands of silver and it’s a gorgeous subtle sparkle.

After this pair, Z will officially have 4 pairs of socks. I still plan on some baby Prufrock socks to match the version I’m working on for me. Five pairs should do for this winter. My Operation Toddler Sock Drawer (inspired by The Knitmore Girls‘ Operation Sock Drawer) continues.

3 thoughts on “Cyber Monday!

  1. This is the exact colour winter needs more of. It’s so cheerful and warm, and that sprinkle of sparkle is just perfect. Lucky Z!

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