Waiting for the mail to come

Here is my Hugo progress: HugoI’m a couple of inches into the armhole! This front went so much faster than the sleeves. Maybe it’s a mental thing. I think some of it has to do with the shorter rows on a sleeve interrupting the rhythm of the pattern more often. Either way, it’s definitely possible to finish this and get it on Matt by Wednesday for our anniversary. I just need the mail to come!

Hugo-2That’s all the yarn I have left. I’m holding off on a little knitting right now because I want to make sure the next ball is a good match so I know whether or not I will have to alternate any rows. Snowmaggedon continues in Northwest Arkansas, so I’m not surprised that the mail may be a little slower, but the yarn’s status is “out for delivery” so I should get it at any moment…

Maybe I should distract myself by casting on something new. Hahahaha.

10 thoughts on “Waiting for the mail to come

  1. Waiting for the mailman is brutal during this time of year without Snowmaggedon. I can only imagine it with this consistent doom. Here is to praying the yarn matches well!

  2. Have you ever tried to request a specific dye lot from Webs? I have – many months after my original purchase… they looked around and found it for me!! They are just awesome!!

  3. They can often match dye lots at Webs. That impresses me almost as much as your sweater. It’s gorgeous. I think knitting a cabled sweater in a man’s size is a little daunting. But my husband rarely wears sweaters, so maybe that’s why I haven’t tried yet. It’s really beautiful, Cassy

    • Thanks! It was a different dye lot (but my first batch was from last April). Luckily the dyeing was so consistent I can’t tell a bit of difference between them. I was able to carry on without a hitch!

  4. That is such a stunning color! And I think you’ve helped me pick out which of the BT Mens sweaters I’m going to make for my husband!

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