Some light Christmas knitting

My Christmas knitting is very light this year, just how I like it. I’m only making a Latte Baby Coat for Z and a pair of Wending wristers for a party that shall not be named yet. The Latte Baby Coat is out of Cascade Eco+ in Lichen: latte babyThe color reminds me of copper as it oxidizes. It’s a little bit grownup for a toddler, but  like it anyway. It’s going insanely fast, as expected for a bulky baby coat. I’m making the 2T-3T size because I want her to potentially wear it next year too.

Here is one Wending wrister: wendingAll that remains is some thumb ribbing on this one. The yarn is some Araucania Ranco (light green) and Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive. I’ve missed doing Fair Isle. These are what I’ve been working on in the last couple of days. I like very low stress Christmas knitting. Now I should really put some work into dissertation revisions! EEEEK!

I’ll show you the gorgeous anniversary swag soon…

3 thoughts on “Some light Christmas knitting

  1. I love seeing babies/toddlers in kiddo styles that had grown up colours. It’s unexpected and that makes it so much cuter!

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