My anniversary lovelies

I fell in love with some gradient kits from Black Trillium Fibres awhile back, and Matt was sweet enough to give me a couple for our anniversary. I LOVE them. The first is called Shire:black trilliumEach skein has 127 yards of fingering weight yarn, for a total of 635 yards altogether. This one is called Terra Cotta:

black trillium-2They are so unbelievably gorgeous to me that it’s hard to imagine exactly what I’m going to make with them. I think I might make a dress for Z in the Shire set. Really, I just want to display them in vases around the house like captivating flowers. She has lots of great colors in the gradient kits, and beautiful yarns in general. I think I found a new addiction.

17 thoughts on “My anniversary lovelies

  1. Oh wow! These are stunning, mind blowing … I’ve just fallen in love myself! Oh bother blimmin’ UK import duty … I want the ivy one, but it would cost me twice what it costs on your side of the pond. If I end up succumbing I’m going to blame you Cassy 😉

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