Second mitt syndrome

That’s a thing, right? I’m struggling to make myself finish the second Wending wrister, but there is still plenty of time before it’s due and it will be quick when I do it. I don’t know if you call them arm warmers, mitts, or wristers. I tend to use all of those terms interchangeably. I’ll get around to it soon, I’m sure.

I’ve mostly been working on the Latte Baby Coat out of Eco+ in Lichen. latte baby-2It was a super quick knit until I hit the basketweave pattern on the edging. It’s gorgeous and worth it, but I missed a couple of little elements in the pattern, and made a mod that didn’t really work out, so I had to do a wee bit of revising. For instance, I overlooked the fact that there is a little bit of garter on each side of basketweave stitches. Oops. For this, I can pick up those bottom edge basketweave stitches and add a couple of rows so this won’t be apparent.

Missed garter stitches...

Missed garter stitches…

I also modified by doing an extra row of garter stitch before starting the basketweave, and while that looks fine, when I mirrored it with extra rows after the basketweave section that looked way too thick and crazy AND I would have run out of yarn before binding off. Soooooo…. I ripped back the garter stitch rows after the basketweave, which wasn’t too painful. I think I’ll add one extra row of basketweave, then do the rest as written. I will not have enough yarn to knit the pockets, but I’m cool with that.

Antrorse is still calling my name. I have the pattern and the yarn. Here’s the yarn (with somewhat poorly captured color): eco__medium2It’s more beautiful in person, because this pic doesn’t capture the depth of its heathers. The color is Satine. I’ve been holding off a little bit because there are some small projects I want to put a little more work into, like these old things, the second wrister, and these. I think the progress on Antrorse would be fast and all-encompassing. Plus, I’m doing my best to get dissertation revisions in by Friday and a new sweater would be oh so deliciously distracting.

Speaking of new sweaters, Matt is already trying to put in an order for another one. Is he spoiled or what?! I’m definitely going to make him wait a bit.

11 thoughts on “Second mitt syndrome

  1. that looks so nice and cosy 🙂 Also do not worry I have one wrist warmer I made, I still need to make the other one too it I just never get round to it

  2. Haha. I guess he got caught up in that flurry of sweaters after having none (well, no handknit ones). Definitely make him wait, if only so he continues to appreciate that they take time.

    That basket weave stitch is gorgeous! I may have to buy the pattern just for that. I’ve been holding off on knitting myself a new sweater so I can get a few other things done first, but oh man, once Christmas is over I am diving right in. That colour is so perfect for Antrose, and I love how soft Eco+ is.

  3. I had wanted to knit Antrorse in that very same yarn, color and all. I think it will be incredible. I chose a light olive color in Wool of the Andes instead because, honestly, I think it will look better with my skin tone and I have a lot of blue and grey in my closet. But, man, your sweater will be beautiful. I’m also anxious to start it too, but forcing myself to finish some sleeves on Ravello first.

  4. I too suffer from second mitt syndrome! Totally hear your pain. That baby jacket is so wonderful, though! And I love Cascade Eco- I’m knitting a sweater with it right now, and there is just so much to love about it.

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