My singular Christmas knit

Happy New Years! I hope everyone has a festive (and safe) evening tonight. IMG_20131224_133611My sole Christmas knit was a pair of Wending arm warmers. It was a pretty stress-free Christmas. My family draws names for gift giving, so I only have three people to plan for gift-wise: Matt, Zooey, and the person I draw in my family. This year I got my brother’s girlfriend, and I was delighted because I thought she might like these.

She did! I forgot to take my camera to my parent’s house, so I just have this little phone picture, but that’s ok. Matt and I decided we would exchange Christmas presents at the end of January, since our anniversary is December 12th. I’m considering knitting him a sweater out of Eco+, since that stuff FLIES off the needles. Antrorse took me 9 days. Granted, this was over a holiday period that allowed for extra knitting time, but still… I ordered him some Ecological Wool in Antique. It’s backordered from Webs, so I guess I’ll see when it gets here. I’m planning  to design a pullover for him. Maybe I’ll just end up doing it sooner than I anticipated.

I blocked Antrorse yesterday. I’ve never worn a sweater out of aran weight yarn. Pre-blocking, I’m not sure the waist and hip shaping I added did anything to flatter me, but maybe it will be a different story post blocking. I’m waiting on some buttons that I ordered from Wood Buttons. I’m hoping they arrive today! It’s going to be a super cozy sweater. More on that baby soon.

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