Teal sweater #1

Finally, I can present some finished pictures of Antrorse. I still haven’t received my buttons in the mail, but I was tired of not being able to wear it, so I found some buttons at my LYS that I think I like even more than the wooden ones I ordered.

antrorse-8They’re very matchy matchy, but they’re slightly smaller than the pattern calls for. For now, I’m happy with it because I think this sweater doesn’t work well for me when unbuttoned. I had my doubts about the whole thing till I put buttons on it, but now I really like it. antrorse-6I still might add an additional 1/2 inch to inch of sleeve length. I really like sleeves to go over my hand a bit. I made the 34″ size in Cascade Eco+, in the color Satine. I used about 804 yards for this size. I didn’t really add any length as the sweater was already a length I liked. I made a few shaping modifications. You can read about them on my Ravelry project page.

I made one other mod that I feel like is essential for me. The super stretchy garter stitch at the top was slipping down my shoulders in a way that I didn’t really like. I wanted to give it a firmer stopping point. I remembered a Yarn Harlot post that mentioned crochet chains that act as firmly as a bind off would. I decided to try that: antrorseThat’s a picture of the inside of the collar. I think the bottom crochet chain row, applied right over the bottom edge of the garter stitch is the only one I really need. I put the second one in as additional support, but it might not be entirely necessary. I think it does help a bit at the top of the shoulders though.

antrorse-3I finished this just in time for 2-12 degree Fahrenheit weather. Brrrrr! antrorse-7And of course, I can sit around in one teal sweater while knitting another. Hahhaha.

41 thoughts on “Teal sweater #1

  1. I love it! The sweater looks AWESOME on you, and I think the buttons are totally perfect. The crochet reinforcement is a really good tip, too, I definitely have a sweater that could benefit from that!

  2. Gorgeous! And the teal is a lovely rich colour.
    With the crocheted chains, do you mean that you just knit as normal and then crochet chains on top afterwards? That sounds like a genius idea, and it looks great.

  3. This is amazing! I really, really love this design. Apparently, you are one of the few people who really look good in teal!
    The last picture is so beautiful – and, btw, I love your hairdo. 😀

  4. Wow! That’s absolutely gorgeous, and a great tip about using a crochet chain to stabilize garter stitch. Will have to remember that!

  5. Teal everywhere! I love your Antrorse! I’m so glad you knit this before me, because I love your crochet chain support row tip. I can see that being useful in lots of different situations. It is beautiful, Cassy. I literally cannot wait to start one of these now.

  6. Oh to be half as talented as you! I love how you just alter patterns like it’s so easy!! Love seeing all your creations, living vicariously through you ~ while in reality I struggle to finish the most basic of sweaters. I knit soo slowly! Your knitting is great motivation to persist in becoming a better knitter!

  7. I’m so excited to finally see this on you! i Love how it turned out!!! You look gorgeous in that color too! So pretty on you! Thank you so much for your support of the book/pattern and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! This made my day!

  8. this is so gorgeous, you’ve totally inspired me to make one. now i just need to decide on a yarn and a color…
    lovely work!

  9. Such an excellent sweater, and exactly what I wish was in my wardrobe during this very cold (polar vortex!) winter.

  10. Love it! Great color, too! This is on my list to knit over the next few months, so I’m especially grateful for your tip on the collar – I’d wondered how that was going to lay.

  11. Gorgeous sweater! Like everyone else, I love the colour and it really suits you. I especially love it with that pop of neon showing through under the hem!

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