Sweater parts

My Blank Canvas is about to start looking like a sweater, rather than a collection of pieces. I finished the body and sleeves to the armpits. blank canvas-3I’ve made a few mods to the 34″ size. I knit an extra 1.5 inches before starting the waist decreases. I did one less waist decrease, and began the bust increases around 12″ from the bottom. Then I knit until 16.75″ for the body from the bottom to the underarm.

blank canvas-2For the sleeves, I wanted a more snug fit at the cuff than specified in the pattern, so I cast on 48 and increased every 10 rows until I hit the size specified by the pattern. Then I knit until the sleeves measured 14″, which is a more accurate 3/4 length sleeve for me.

I’m excited to join these together and make this thing look like a real sweater! Of course, I have some looooong rounds coming my way. Luckily, I have some great reading material to plow through with this lovely stockinette work. I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and LOVED it. I breezed through her Sharp Objects as well. I started a bit of Dark Places (another of hers), but I thought I should take a break from the dark thrillers with a little book called The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, which is about a professor with Aspergers looking for a wife. It’s pretty cute and funny so far.

Happy Wednesday!

13 thoughts on “Sweater parts

  1. The nice thing is that those long rows will just get shorter and shorter and then you’ll be done!

    If you’re looking for books (audiobooks, perhaps?) I can’t recommend the Amelia Peabody series enough. Very entertaining and long, so you get good bang for your buck.

  2. When I was knitting my dad’s sweater, I made the mistake of assuming that once I join the sleeves and the body it is practically done. Biiiiig mistake. It almost cost me not finishing in time. So, courage! 🙂

  3. All of your sweater knitting convinced me to try knitting a sweater again. Last time I tried was about 7 years ago and I had just learned to knit the previous year. Part of my order is due to arrive today. I cant wait.

  4. Hi Cassy, are your stitch markers on the decrease stitches on your sleeves? That seems like a great idea because I can never easily tell where my decreases are without tugging and staring and counting rows from a decrease is not getting any easier!!

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