Mama Prufrocks

I finished my Prufrock socks. I plan on making a wee version for Z, so I left myself about 100 yards of the yarn, but I think these are a decent height.mama prufrock

The yarn is Gynx BFL sock in the colorway Extra Yarn, named for one of our favorite bedtime stories.  The yarn was offered by Little Skein on Etsy, and it looks like they have just a few skeins left. This color makes me very happy. mama prufrock-2

This is not the softest sock yarn, but it seems like it will be much more durable than many merino yarns. I tried something a little different on this gusset. I stopped working the instep about a cm or so sooner and started the heel flap (going toe up). I thought a nice tall gusset would make for a better fit. I’m not sure if it makes a difference for me. I think I would have preferred to have the pattern going up the leg a little sooner.

I will have to road test them for a bit to see if I notice an overall difference in the fit with a taller gusset and longer heel flap. My initial impression is that it doesn’t really make much of a difference and I’ll make my slightly shorter heel flap on the socks I’m working on now to make them go faster. An extra cm or so on a heel flap feels like it takes a long time! mama prufrock-3I can’t decide if I should make Z some that will fit this year, since there are only a few cold months left, or whether I should try to make them a little larger for next year. I’m going to mash up my Kiddo Kicks pattern and my Prufrock pattern. I’ll probably cast them on in the next week or so.mama prufrock-4

I get so tickled by mother/daughter matching knits.

15 thoughts on “Mama Prufrocks

  1. Those are so lovely! I’d love to make a pair of my own! Do you like the BFL? It will definitely be more durable than a merino but I hope still cushy and soft enough for your little feet!

  2. Great colour. And I totally hear you on the never-ending gusset that comes with longer heel flaps. When I knit Jaywalkers I add length to the heel flap so they fit a bit better and, yeah, I feel like I’m decreasing forever!

  3. So I have a question about your toe-up sock edits. Well, two questions I guess. Why do you do the “flap” part on the bottom of the foot, just so you do the gusset in the same order as top-down? And then also, the reinforcement that you do with the flap, as far as I understand is because the back of the heel gets the most wear, so I would think that you’d want to keep the placement of that.
    Anyway, gorgeous socks! I loved that colorway when Laura first showed it, but it looks so great knit up!

    • I suppose I could also do a flap without slipped stitches to create a place to pick up gusset sts, but I figure the heel in general gets a good amount of wear.

      • From my experience with my husband’s socks, the fastest wear is at the back of the heel near the top. And he’s gotten several holes in his socks there, which is making me think that I need to make the foot longer so that the reinforced part can come up more, or that the reinforcement needs to go up the leg more. Just my two cents!

      • So far Matt hasn’t gotten holes there. The slipped st part at the back of the leg for his is usually at least 3.5 or more inches since I continue that pattern all through the gusset decreases. I appreciate the info!

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