Wild and crazy wool covered feet

hundertwasser-3My much treasured Opal sock yarn in the Hundertwasser theme has become a pair of socks that I will happily wear for years and years! The color is Der Blaue Monde (1432). I let these be fraternal twins and knit until I decided I wanted to cast these off and start on the baby Prufrocks for Z. They’re nice and long.hundertwasser-2

There’s not much to say about the knitting of these. I did my usual toe-up recipe, found in any of my sock patterns. I ended up doing a few increases on the back of the leg as it got higher and higher up my calf. I loved working with this yarn. I’m tempted to cast on another self-striping project right away, but I do want to work on some of the Ravellenic goals I set for myself.hundertwasserSometimes socks are just so captivating, and soothing. Ravellenic goals might just have to be amended…hundertwasser-4

19 thoughts on “Wild and crazy wool covered feet

  1. good golly…. this color is great. I think I may have a serious problem everytime I see one of the Opal colorways for socks I swear I start lusting after it. just 2 weeks ago I saw some Opal in the orange fox little Prince colorway and it now is sitting on my shelf waiting for me to cast on.
    and now these I love the colror…I hope you take a picture of you and Z wearing matching socks when you finish hers.

    • I’ve been coveting the Little Prince colorways! Maybe I should get myself a Valentine’s day treat… They’re yarns are highly addictive and so fun to knit.

  2. Love them! Wish I could yet hold of the Opal yarn! I am just knitting up your Summer Slice socks as I embark on a very long plane journey.

  3. I love these crazy stripes! I always feel great when my socks match perfectly, but there’s something nice about just embracing the crazy and letting a pair be totally fraternal. These are so great and so cheerful – perfect for this time of year!

  4. Gorgeous socks. I love Opal yarns for hard wearing socks, knitting Little Prince and Smile at present. waiting for Love Story to come into my LYS next week.

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