Derailed by socks

Oops. I cast on some socks instead of working on my previously stated goals for Ravellenics. Eh, they’re pretty.matts socks-2

It’s some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in Fiddlehead. I got this at a stash swap a few months back. I really just felt like casting on more socks as soon as I finished Z’s baby Prufrocks, so I did.  In the midst of organizing all of my dissertation data to run my stats, it felt like I should just go with what I wanted to knit, rather than focus on a have-to. Matt also pointed out that Z had more pairs of socks than him, so I decided to be kind and knit him more socks.

matts socks-3

I will have pictures of our matching mother/daughter feet soon, but it’s more difficult to organize a photo like that. Socks in progress, on the other hand, just lay there nicely (most of the time). A sneaky little lady tried to make off with my project:

matts socks-4

Annie, if you read this, I promise I’m still working on Pensacola here and there for Tell Them of UsI will be thrilled to finish up the bottom of the fronts because it’s fairly cumbersome to work on such a large swath of knitting and manage two balls of yarn.

matts socks

I don’t know what will happen to the rest of my Ravellenic goals (finishing Pensacola and making armwarmers for Matt, Z, and myself), but it looks like we’re all at least getting new socks this month. I have to confess, I’ve also not watched a single moment of the Olympics, but I like participating in large scale knitting challenges. How are your Ravellenic goals going?


8 thoughts on “Derailed by socks

  1. These are great! I can see why you were tempted to cast on! I didn’t make any Ravellenics plans, but I accidentally cast on for a new sweater instead of finishing a UFO (from 2012, eek!) that I meant to do first. Whoops!

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