Sock yarn for an 80’s child

I was browsing Etsy for some self-striping hand dyed yarn awhile back (dangerous, I know) and I came across this yarn from Julianna’s Fibres:

sparkle self stripingIt’s her Sparkle Self-Striping superwash yarn in the colorway “Truly Outrageous.”  The name and colors immediately made me think of the Jem and the Holograms theme song from a cartoon I used to watch.

So naturally, I had to have the yarn that evoked my 80’s cartoon nostalgia.  I’m not disappointed.  The stripes are fun and bright.  truly outrageous It’s a good defense against the SNOW we got over the last couple of days.  Hello, March.  Shape up a bit, will ya?

19 thoughts on “Sock yarn for an 80’s child

  1. Those colors are awesome! Should be “truly outrageous” when they are done 🙂 Love! PS..just say Jem the other day on Teletoon and laughed because I LOVED the show growing up..

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