Since the weather turned colder and we got hit with a couple of snow days, I have been working away on my BlueSand Cardigan much more than on my Wispers.  It’s in the same state as my last post about it.  BlueSands has proven to be much more intriguing than a typical raglan cardigan.

I’m doing the combination yoke version, and there are many things to pay attention to on the shoulder shaping.  Luckily, the designer has provided line by line instructions separated by size so the pattern is easy to follow in this area.  Though I’m using fingering weight yarn, I’m not adding many additional rows to each stripe, because I anticipate the sweater growing lengthwise with a wet block, as superwash yarns are wont to do.  I did wet block my swatch, but that doesn’t really account for the weight of the finished garment.bluesandsleeves

Sleeves are usually my nemesis on a sweater project, so I decided to take a break after the first body stripe and go ahead and make my sleeves first.  I made a bit of a modification on the sleeves.  I left the first stripe section as plain stockinette, and started the decreases in that section.  I made the second stripe the slip stitch section, inspired by the elbow patch slip stitch section on this Raveler’s project page.  I did make more repeats than called for in this section.  I just kept trying it on and repeated until it appeared to be evenly spaced over my bent elbow.  Scientific, huh? I love knits that you can try on as you knit them.

24 thoughts on “Sleevefull

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how some people are capable of selecting such perfect colour combinations. I’m so tame, i think i need to knit outside the box. Beautiful work

    • Thanks! I usually doubt myself when I go too neutral. Who knows about the longevity of this color scheme though… In a few years it might look “so 2014.” 😉

  2. I love this. 😀 the colour combination is very, very nice (quite spring-y!) and suits you beautifully. I love your sleeve version – hopefully, it will hold up as well as the rest of the sweater!!

    It’s strange that so many people on ravelry talk about the return of the snowy days while, slowly but surely, it warms up here in Germany … BUT! March isn’t over yet, and then there’s still April … So who knows what’s on its way! 😉

  3. I remember reading a blog post by the designer about the sleeve cap shaping in this sweater and it sounded pretty interesting. Looks like it fits well too! I can’t wait to see this finished, the colours are so great.

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