Whispers sneak peek

IMG_20140309_205004This is a little slightly blurry phone pic from last night, but I finished the knitting on my Whispers and I was too excited to wait and take a better picture to post.  I hope to have a modeled shot sometime this week.  As shown above, the shoulders are not put together, and I still have a little bit of finishing around the neckline to work after the shoulders are put together.

I finished this baby by the skin of my teeth, y’all.  Really, I made this top 1.5 times because I had all but the back shoulders after the neck bind off to finish on Saturday morning and I was really and truly going to run out of yarn. Crap crap crap.  I knew I was cutting it really close since I’d added about an inch in length to the body, but I wanted that length. So when I finally accepted that I was going to run out of yarn mere yards from the finish, I started to rip. I’m an optimist. I held out until the last second.

See that middle orange section? The one with the waist shaping? I ripped back to that one right before the waist increases.  I allowed myself to still add a bit of length, but I just made the narrowest part of the sweater a bit longer and I also added 2 more rows between each waist increase, letting the sweater grow in length without having to work as much width. This time I made it, keeping a close eye on my yarn, measuring tiny balls with my digital scale to ensure I’d make it. I did.

Tonight she will get some shoulder finishing and blocking! If I love this top as much as I think I will, I just might have to turn my other Black Trillium gradient kit into one too…

27 thoughts on “Whispers sneak peek

  1. OMG, I LOVE this so much!!! The gradient effect is perfect and amazing, and the colour is stunning all on its own! What’s the yarn again? I bet it will look fabulous on you, too 🙂

  2. Do you wash your yarn after ripping it out? I usually try to as I have heard that it makes for some nasty looking stitches if you don’t – but what a pain!

    • I didn’t. I’ve never had a problem with weird looking stitches as long as I do a nice blocking at the end. They’re a little wavy in the picture above where I reknit, but I think all will be fine with blocking.

      • Ah yes… blocking afterwards should fix that… I thought maybe I saw a teeny bit of wonky stitches in the pic… I have had to rip out the toes of two pairs of socks to fix the length and washed the yarn both times…

  3. You inspire me to knit and finish my projects. I am amazed how talented you are and also being able to finish tons of knits even with a little tyke. Btw, she is adorable!!! Keep on knitting you super woman you! 🙂

  4. I always have to add extra length in the the torso too. I’ve come close to running out of yarn but never that close! I’m not sure if I would have the patience to rip back that far…

    • Eh, it was only a day’s work with lots of focus. I considered buying another gradient kit, but I knew I would be too impatient to wait for another to arrive. I think I’ll still get a little extra length with some blocking.

  5. Gorgeous! And good for you for not only ripping back, but knitting up again straight away. This is going to be such a great, versatile summer top.

  6. I’m a sucker for waiting til the last minute to give up hope too. The yarn isn’t going to magically get any longer! Even if i notice a mistake say two rows ago I’ll nearly always continue knitting ‘maybe I’m being overly critical’ untill I’m like, nope it’s still obvious, frog the lot!

  7. OMG … If I had had to rip out everything and start almost completely anew? I’d have thrown a fit and then set fire to the whole thing … 😉 Glad you didn’t do that! It looks lovely. 😀

  8. I stumbled upon you and boy am I glad. Questions: How long have you been knitting? What is your favorite stitch? Needles? Shop?
    How do you design your patterns?
    I love that you are showing us the work in progress. I have been knitting all winter and had to stop so many times because of tendonitis in my hands. So frustrating. I was determined to finish at least the two things I was working on but it is too painful to continue. Have you heard of anyone overcoming that challenge?

    • Glad you like the blog! I’ve been knitting about 10 years. I guess my favorite stitch would be stockinette since it’s relaxing and I end up doing it a lot of the time. Needles: probably Addi Sock Rockets for socks or Signature Needles for magic loop projects. Shop: ImagiKnit in San Francisco. How I design? That’s kind of difficult to answer quickly. When inspiration strikes I try to take notes. I can’t really speak to working with tendonitis, because I don’t possess that medical knowledge. I thought this post was pretty good.

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