Color indecision

I’m very excited to start a New Girl Knitalong with Angela on Friday!  I received my Gaea Sport from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on my lunch break, and I’m mulling over my options.  I planned on using Everyday Grey with either Sunstone (orange) or Marina as a contrast.  I thought this would be a snap to decide when they arrived, but I’m still struggling.  Thoughts?

These are just some phone pics, since I’m too impatient to wait for nicer shots when I get home.  The first two pics are  Sunstone/Everyday Grey shown in color and with it’s black & white version for color contrast comparison.  Everyday Grey/Marina are the second two shots.




The Everyday Grey/Marina has a little bit more contrast, but I’m somewhat stumped.  The colors are a little different from what I was expecting when I ordered them online, as these things always go.  I expected the grey to have less of a blue hue to it and the Marina looked much lighter.  The Sunstone was also crazy bright, and I was expecting it to have a little more retina shock in person.  I’m a little disappointed that they came out so differently.  Thoughts?

29 thoughts on “Color indecision

  1. Oh goodnessI am going out on a limb. Not sure what effect you are looking for but I am thinking the Sunstone and the Marina look nice together and would really pop..

  2. I’d go Sunstone/Everyday Grey for some reason? A little more out there, but the blueyness of the other pairing is a little too samey. I like the stronger contrast. And I feel you on ordering yarn online only to find the actually colour to be a little ‘dead’ in real life.. not sure how to combat that except to buy from LYS!

  3. I agree with you about the colours. When you sent me the links I definitely thought Sunstone would be super bright and Marina would be softer. I was kind of leaning toward the Grey/Orange before, but given the way the colours are in person, I like the Blue/Grey combo. But, since that’s what I’m doing (with opposite dominance), perhaps I’m biased?

    I wonder if you could squeak it out with Marina and Sunstone alone. Maybe do a contrast waistband?

    • This yarn is definitely more like a DK than a sport weight. I’ll have to see what a gauge swatch looks like and go from there, but I think I have a greater chance of wearing this if I pick one color… Decisions!

      • So many decisions! But yes, definitely wearability is the key. I can’t wait to see what you choose 🙂

  4. I’d go with the sunstone, for sure. Too bad you haven;t enough of the marina to go with it, because that would sure be a bright cheerful skirt! But the gray will still look pretty.

  5. I love the grey with the marina. What a beautiful skirt and it will look so cute on you. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it finished.

  6. I think I prefer the Everyday Grey / Marina option. They seem a little more tonal seen as how the grey is quite blue. Can’t wait to see the finish skirt. I am tempted to give it a go myself!

  7. I’d go for all but the second one – that seems like too little contrast, but maybe you’d want to swatch some combo’s first, to get a better idea of the effect ? When in doubt, maybe let it depend on what you aim to wear with it ? If you have very bright shirts ( and leggings ), go for the grey combo, something like that…

  8. The everyday gray and marine have more contrast, but they don’t look “right” together to me for some reason (based on my computer screen, though). I think it’s because the gray has so much blue in it, the marine is bringing out even more blue; and the pairing looks strained to me. If the everyday gray was muted or more neutral, it would look right with marina. Everyday gray looks much “grayer” next to the sunstone, so I vote for everyday gray plus sunstone. Summer is coming, and orange is much happier, anyways.

  9. The Sunstone/Everyday Grey looks like a better combination to me. Even though there is more of a contrast between the other two, they are too similar in color. It gives almost a “clashing” effect. The blue tint to the Everyday Grey makes it a complimentary to the orange of the Marina which should overcome the similarity in their tonality and make the colors pop more.

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