The first inch

I started my New Girl skirt for the Knitalong with Angela today!  It doesn’t look like much yet, but it will grow steadily since it’s largely endless loops of stockinette many of us can do in our sleep.  new girlI still haven’t decided on my contrast color, but I have quite a few inches before I have to make that decision, so I have more time to think it over.  I know I’m going to be happy with either, but I’ll just keep them out in my living room to gaze at until I’m ready.  new girl-2

new girl-3

12 thoughts on “The first inch

  1. I’m drawn to teal too, but lately I’m trying to mix things up in the colors I choose. I’d really like to knit a warm weather version of this skirt. I’d wear it much more that way. So interested to see your progress, Cassy!

  2. This morning my soul and mouth when looking at the teal went ‘ohhhhh’ and that would be the one I would choose; the audible response one! Your choices are exquisite for sure!! PEACE

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