Round and round

My New Girl skirt is not finished, but I’m nearing the finish on it soon.  I thought I should do an update on it, so here is where I am:new girl-6

I went with the Marina colorway for the contrast color.  It just kept sticking out as the color choice that would work best with my wardrobe, and it was the clear option for use with some highlighter yellow tights I’m itching to wear with this girl-4

I’m working the daisy stitch portion of the skirt.  It’s definitely slower than stockinette, and requires me to look down at the knitting, but I think it’s a nice decorative element to the skirt and it will probably provide some structure to the lower portion.  I will be omitting the daisy stitch near the pockets because I like the sleeker look of them without adornment, like this Raveler’s example.  Angela is ahead of me on this KAL.  Last I heard,  she  was already working on making her pocket bags, but I bet she’s done by now!new girl-5

This thing still looks huge, but I’m keeping the faith that elastic will work wonders.  I hope there will still be a few days to wear this when I finish. Spring is wildly unpredictable temperature-wise where I live, so I’m guessing that I will wear it a few times.

18 thoughts on “Round and round

  1. I really like this. Especially the way the colors work together. I am interested to see how it turns out. I may just be in the need of one.

  2. I have thought about knitting one because it’s so super cute and versatile but I worry that it wouldn’t be interesting because it’s so much plain knitting. Yours is inspiring…I’m thinking aqua and coral!

  3. I am done! Well, I’m done the knitting. It took me 45 minutes to weave in all my ends last night and now I just have to sew in my waist band. I cannot wait to wear this!

    Just power through the daisies. Once they’re done, the pocket bags practically fly!

    • Congrats!!! I have one row of daisy stitch left! I’m excited to get back to some stockinette. My Signature needles with stiletto points were helping with the k3togs tremendously, but I broke TWO OF THEM on this skirt. Crazy stuff. I’m back to some Addis. I’m ready to get to those flying pocket bags and get this thing on my person! I will probably just steam block it if that makes it look nice enough, so I don’t have to wait days for it to dry.

      • I can’t believe two of your Signatures broke! That is crazy – I wonder if they’d fix them for free or give you a discount on replacements… It might be worth looking into.

      • They replace them for free. They have a lifetime warranty, thank goodness. I wish it was as easy as swapping out an Addi. Those I just take to my LYS and they swap them out. The only Addis I’ve had to replace are 0’s. I think the cord is just so soft with the Signatures that it might just be a matter of time for all of them, or maybe I’m just hard on needles.

  4. Oh I love it! Great color combo, too. I love this pattern, but was wondering if a cotton blend version of this would work in a warm climate. I’m just not sure how it would hold up.

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