I need a serious case of startitis

I passed my dissertation defense, and am now officially Dr. Dominick!  Good alliteration, eh?  My dissertation research included two knitting groups with 4th grade girls to see if participating in the knitting group enhanced their social skills and academic achievement, while reducing problem behaviors.  The group seemed to have a medium effect on lowering bullying scores and raising communication scores.  The girls loved participating in the group and I loved working with them, so while I would have expected a greater number of positive results, it was a lot of fun conducting the group.

In knitting news, I’ve been totally lazy about getting a good picture of my New Girl skirt.  I will get to it soon.  In the meantime, I’m feeling a little out of inspiration for new projects.  I just finished a secret project that I will get to blog about later in the week, after a baby shower.  I have those socks on the needles still.  I’m almost lamenting the end of the cold weather here, because colder weather inspires so much fabulous wool knitting!  I’m ready to focus on warm weather items with linen, but I’m not sure what to make.  I’d love suggestions in the comments.  I have been eyeing Cocktail(Dress) for awhile and I have a TON of Laines du Nord Baby Milk (merino/milk fiber/cashmere) to use, but it’s in super pale pinks and gray. milk-2I don’t usually swath my person in that much pink, but the yarn was a STEAL from WEBS, so this dress will only cost me around $40 to make.  milkI think the peachy color on top would work for the sleeve caps, then gray for the chest stripes.  I have the most of the pink on the bottom, so that will have to be the main color.  I’m going to swatch a bit and see what I think.  It might be some super girly insanity.  But I want more ideas! I’m ready to fill up my dance card with summer knits.  What are you planning for the warm weather this year?

35 thoughts on “I need a serious case of startitis

  1. First off, a great, big, huge congratulations Dr. Dominick! Allow yourself some time to celebrate YOU and your success. The Cocktail Dress is really cute and I think will look beautiful in your color selections of peach, gray and pink. My knitting skills are still in the scarves, hats, and shawls stage, so I look forward to your posts and seeing your lovely creations.

  2. Oh my gosh, from an in-the-trenches grad student, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Defending is a HUGE deal! So exciting 🙂 Your work sounds amazing, too. Will it be available publicly anywhere? I’d love to read it! Also the cocktail dress pattern is super cute.

    • I should be uploading it to Proquest Dissertations and Theses database sometime later this week, so it will be available there. Hang in there! I never thought I would get to the end, but now I’m questioning what big challenge to set for myself next…

    • I’ve been thinking about Bonny lately too! That’s such a gorgeous top. Francis is also beautiful. I bet I could adapt it to a lighter weight… Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Congratulations Dr. Dominick! I know you worked so hard!
    I think before you start that gorgeous cocktail dress, you should finish the sock and skirt. I’m not going to feed your startitis monster!lol I would hate that you would have UFO’s and WIP’s. Plan for the dress but don’t start…push through the projects on needles first.
    I think for the cocktail dress, the pink is too soft ( well, I’m biased because I don’t care for pastels) I think peach sleeves, grey and maybe off white instead of the pink for the body. If no off white, put the pink near your face on the sleeve. I think that will look nice.

    • Ha! This isn’t about finishitis…nice try! The skirt has been done for over a week, but it hasn’t been properly documented on Ravelry and the blog so it’s only sort of done. I hesitate to finish the socks quickly because they’re always fantastic reading/movie/travel knitting and there’s no rush. I love having multiple projects so I don’t get bored. I’m ready to cast on at least 2 things! 🙂

  4. Congratulations! Your research project sounds so cool. I only sort of know what you mean about the warm weather knits — in the summer here it’s usually the bare minimum of tank tops and shorts, so wearing things isn’t really a viable option. What would you recommend?

  5. Huge congrats! That is such an accomplishment! And Dr. Dominick has a great ring to it.

    It’s not quite warm enough here for me to be feeling the full tug of summer knitting projects. I’m thinking about giving Kit another go (I’m not totally happy with my first one came out), but in the meantime I’m trying to finish up some other projects that have been hanging out on my needles.

    I love the Cocktail(dress) pattern. Your colours are softer than usual, but it’s nice to have that kind of balance in your wardrobe, and will make it easier to pair the finished dress with a shawl or cardigan, since they won’t be in the same colour range.

    Enjoy your startitis. You’ve more than earned the right to cast on a dozen new projects!

  6. First and foremost a heartfelt congratulations on your fantastic achievement. I am so happy all of your hard work has paid off. In terms of the dress/knitting I think the colors would be good, although as a fellow non-pink person is there anyway you could dye any of it, not that the colors wouldn’t look great anyway. In terms of summer projects, for some reason the summer always makes me want to start some lace, maybe it’s the pretending the holes actually allow for air movement, or the fact that it is usually lighter than most other projects. Anyway best of luck on the dress and again congrats on such a wonderful achievement!

  7. Many congratulations Dr Dominick!
    Very Interesting research, you should tell us a bit more. I am actually also hoping that knitting has a positive effect on people. And I am sure it does, even if it is not a miracle cure. I am teaching mums of small children in Children Centres in one of the most deprived areas of London. They get out of isolation, create something pretty or useful and have to activate their brain. So I guess, we both try to make to make the world better through knitting 🙂

  8. Lovely colours and wool. What a great idea to get the girls into knitting. I read somewhere about doing this in womens prisons – along with quilting – just finishing something that is useful is a powerful feeling. 😀

  9. Congratulations! I remember when my niece earned her Ph d – it takes so much, but it is so worth it! that cocktail dress is totally awesome and I may have to think about tackling that myself 🙂

  10. Wow! Congratulations! It must feel incredible to be Dr. Dominick, and how very cool that knitting was incorporated into your research!

  11. I got into my graduate program… Though it’s my first year, I have an idea with my thesis regarding knitting and therapeutic effects… Not a fully developed idea. Can you help me regarding the books, research, articles etc you used… I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance 😀

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