Finally! A skirt post!

Ok, this baby has been done and even steam blocked for about a month now.  I have no great excuses for not photographing and blogging about it. I probably won’t get any wear out of it this season, because this is a bit of a heavier weight than I girl done-4

I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea Sport in Every Day Gray for the main color, and Marina for the contrast color.  It’s really more like a DK weight in person.  I made the smallest size to account for the gauge difference, but I wish I had reduced the number of increases, like my KAL gal pal Angela did, so the skirt would be less girl done

I think this would work well with a thin and light cardigan on top, and it probably won’t see much wear from me till early fall.  Wanting to wear my knitted item right away is usually the best motivation to get me to photograph things, because I want to capture them before any of life’s potential hazards (coffee spills, fuzz from wearing, etc.) have a chance to take hold.

Edie Sedgwick peeking.

Edie Sedgwick peeking.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow, is well-written, and produces a cute skirt.  I knit 2 inches between the pocket and the contrast color to add a bit of length.  I also made the pocket about 1.25″ deeper. I left off the daisy stitch at the pocket for a more streamlined look.  I think those were my only mods, aside from accidentally getting yarn in a heavier weight.  I think this skirt would be great in fingering weight.  Maybe I’ll make another in a lightweight yarn for the girl done-2

19 thoughts on “Finally! A skirt post!

  1. This turned out so well! I bet in the fall you won’t mind the fullness, since it will balance out more layers.

    I am already scheming for a second one and deeper pockets are definitely a mod I plan to make. I’ve been wearing my New Girl quite a bit, but I find the pockets are a bit useless for anything besides my hands. I’m tempted to try shaping the pockets a bit too, to make them arch downwards a bit more…

    Anyway, I’m so glad you got around to a photo shoot. Let me know if you actually decide to knit another one and maybe we can do this all again!

  2. The more subtle contrast color was definitely a good choice. I think you’ve inspired me to make one of my own in some fingering weight yarn I’ve got lying around that hasn’t become anything yet. It really turned out awesome.

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