Close, but no.

I knitted as fast as I could, but I overestimated my ability to finish the Cocktail(Dress) in time to wear to a wedding this evening.  Guess I’ll have to settle for this old thing instead.

cocktailI added a little bit of length and made some mods.  Even so, I had a couple of extra skeins of the main color so I thought I was safe.  I realized a day ago that I was definitely going to run out.  Rather than order more yarn and wait a week or so for it to get here, I decided I would try striping in some of the lighter pink contrast color since I had plenty of that left.  I would prefer a solid body, but I think I can live with this too.  cocktail-2Thoughts?  Does it look ok or is it obnoxious?

26 thoughts on “Close, but no.

  1. I think it is adorable. I can’t wait to see it finished. I have never had the nerve to try something so ambitious – been thinking about a skirt, but never a whole dress that – ahem – is fitted and presumably fits. So when you do finish it, wear it with pride!

  2. It looks kind of 1920′s to me… and a bit sporty like Sheena said. Will be so cute for spring/ summer days out. 😀

  3. Not obnoxious, not at all! Stripes are always an excellent solution.

    If there’s enough yarn (and time, and you’re inspired to try an alternative), I was thinking: one single stripe in the pale pink the same width as the first MC stripe on the top, then another of the same thickness of the MC, (perhaps even add a thin stripe(s) of the grey), then the hem in pale pink as you’ve done (maybe the same length as the shoulder detail).
    I wonder if that would balance well or simply look contrived? :/

    Though I do agree with another comment: it’s very 20s and an absolute delight!

  4. I like it. I think it just depends what you want this for. The stripes are fun, but definitely sporty/daytime. If you wanted something more dress-up-able, what about just doing a deeper seed stitch border in the contrast?

  5. I think the stripes may have looked a little odd if it wasn’t for the moss stitch in pale pink. The stripes lead into it and I think it looks cute (although I realise that ‘cute’ may not have been what you were aiming for, add whichever adjective you wish!)

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