Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the mommas and their mommas and so on, Happy Mother’s Day!  Becoming a mother to this little monkey has been a lovely, funny, challenging, rewarding, and heart-expanding experience. mothers day-3This morning while we were snuggling in bed after she got up I asked her if she could say, “I love you.” She looked at M and me for a few serious seconds, and then just said, “No.”  It was pretty hilarious. mothers day We had a fantastic day yesterday with lots of family and friends around as Matt and I both went to our graduation ceremonies.  Though those things are usually fairly boring, there are at least a few thrilling seconds as you walk across the stage, or witness your loved one step toward that ritualized recognition of accomplishment.  In the meantime, at Matt’s ceremony I was able to get in an inch and a half or so of knitting on my Saco Stripes for the Tops, Tees, and Tanks KAL.

mothers day-4I’m using Shibui Linen in Brass for the main color, and Suit for the stripes.  My row gauge includes more stitches per inch, so I’m making the stripes two rows wider than prescribed in the pattern and spreading out the decreases over more rows.  The yarn is chain plied and it seems much easier on my hands than other linen I’ve used in the past.  Z likes it too.

mothers day-2I finished weaving in the ends on my Cocktail(Dress) last night, so I should be able to post a pic soon!

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. What a weekend! Congrats on both your accomplishments (PhD and adorable Z) – she won’t remember the day she got to see both her parents walk across the stage, but she’ll hear stories about it. That you can follow up that story with the “No” is perfect.

    I’m very intrigued by the chain-plied linen. My LYS doesn’t carry it (yet) but I may have to seek some out.

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