Stitches all over

I’m nearly finished with the back of my Saco Stripes tank for the TTTKAL going on this month.  Though this looks like black and yellow in this pic, it’s actually yellow and navy.  saco

Since I had a bit different row gauge, I spaced out my decreases a little further, and reduced the number of stripes.  I didn’t like the way 2 row contrast stripes looked, so I doubled the stripe width.

In addition to all of these tank top stitches, I got stitches in my chin this weekend.  On a little bike ride, I bit the dust and slammed my chin into the ground, splitting it and requiring a few stitches.  I’m grateful that a few stitches and a couple of large bruises were the only damage, but it was enough of a jolt to remind me of my own ability to tear.  While I prefer to use stitches to make clothing, rather than close up chin gashes, I’m glad that they can do both.

11 thoughts on “Stitches all over

  1. That is looking really cool! I love how those colors look together. They’re nautical without being totally over the top 🙂 I’m also glad you’re okay!

  2. Oh no! Glad stitches were the only thing needed to repair the damage – hope you’re feeling better! Looking forward to seeing your top – you’re flying along!

  3. Oh no! I hope your chin is feeling okay. Since the weather has gotten nice I’ve been bicycling to work and there have been a few close calls with cars/drivers not paying attention, but no accidents yet (thank goodness).

    Your tank looks amazing. I can’t believe how quickly it’s working up, especially since it’s linen.

  4. SO, this really has nothing to do with this post, but I am wondering if you can direct me to some good resources about learning about gauging? I have a pattern for my little girl and I want to do it right but I have no idea how to or what it all means…can you help? Maybe you have something on your blog already? Thanks. I love seeing your work! It inspires me to want to do more!

    • I love the book Little Red in the City for lots of info on accurate gauging. You can also find a lit of tutorials online by googling, but I don’t have a specific one I recommend. I’ve covered it a wee bit in some posts, but nothing like a tutorial you might find online.

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