My first TTTKAL project is finished!   This tank is Saco Stripes by Pam Allen.

saco finishedI used Shibui Linen in Brass and Suit.  My row gauge was off a bit, so I ended up having to space out decrease rows to every 8 rows, and I made my stripes 4 rows to give them a bit more girth in the finer gauge.   saco finished-2The tank was a straightforward and  easy knit, and I think I might have enough yarn left to make my mini me a version of her own.  I will be wearing this all summer long.  Aside from adding extra rows, and about an inch of extra length, I also added enough stitches to finish with a 32″ inch chest.  When I got to the armhole decreases I just accommodated for the extra stitches with an extra armhole BO st on each side for one of those rows, and an additional decrease else where.  The pattern is worn with 3 inches of negative ease (meaning the garment is 3″ smaller than your chest size), and the smallest size was too small, and the next size up wouldn’t have the right amount, so I just improvised.  I do wish I had made the straps a teensy bit longer.  The tank fits well, but I like when shirts aren’t quite as high into my armpit.

I’m so happy this TTTKAL is happening for some extra motivation to start my summer off with lovely new tops.  Yesterday I cast on a Driftwood Tee, so I’ll have more to report on that soon.  This month off is FULL of knitting so far.  I will also post some finished Cocktail(Dress) pics now that I have those whiskery chin stitches out of my face.

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