A dress that screams, “PINK!”

cocktail dress-7This dress has been done since May 7, when I eagerly cast on the Saco Stripes tank.  It’s called Cocktail(Dress) by La Maison Rililie.  This is the second pattern of hers that I’ve knitted.  I also made her BlueSand Cardigan and both patterns were well-written with nice polished details, like i-cord edgings.  While I didn’t always appreciate knitting the i-cord edging at the end when I wanted the dress to be DONE, I really like the look of them. cocktail dress-9I had to deviate from the pattern at the bottom, when I started to run out of the main color.  There are no contrast stripes in the original pattern, but since I bought my MC at a deep discount when it was discontinued, it was unavailable.  I had plenty of the lighter pink, so I improvised as shown above.  I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but it’s grown on me.  I think sometimes we fret over elements of a pattern while knitting them that become completely irrelevant later when wearing the garment.  cocktail dress-10

My sizing is between the small and medium sizes.  I wanted to hit something around the 34″ bust for a bit of negative ease there, but I wanted to keep some of the positive ease around the waist and hips.  I just compared my measurements to the finished garment schematics and tried to hit something that worked well for my body.  I left off a decrease in the waist, knitted to the high hip increases and worked as specified, then I added an additional hip increase.  I’m happy with the body skimming fit.  I also like the colors together more than I thought I would, and while it definitely screams, “GIRLY,” it is a dress, after all.  cocktail dress-4I put off taking pics till after my chin stitches were out, and then I just decided to do a photo shoot with just me, my camera, my tripod, and a remote.  Matt takes a lot of my pictures, and he does a fabulous job of it.  I can be very finicky about the specificity of an angle in a shot, or a weird face I’m making, so it’s nice when I can take a bunch of time and play around with the camera.  That’s also why this post is photo-heavy.  cocktail dress-2I used Laines du Nord Baby Milk yarn, a merino, milk-fiber, and cashmere blend.  I wish it wasn’t discontinued and was available in more colors.  It’s hella soft.  I used pink, light pink, and dove gray.  All in all, the dress cost only about 48 dollars, so I’m especially pleased for that much yarn.

Back to knitting!

30 thoughts on “A dress that screams, “PINK!”

  1. Wow, I love this! I love classic clothes and the subtle tonal variations really go in that direction. And it falls so wonderfully on your figure. How satisfying to create such a great, flattering garment!

  2. It’s really looking great! And indeed, a great value for the money. I’ve not attempted a dress yet, and I’m impressed by how well you’ve maintainted your tension through what must have been miles of stockinette. I noticed Laines du Nord Baby Milk on sale several times on WEBS, I will probably try it next time.

  3. This dress is so very awesome, and I don’t usually like pink! It fits you so well and I love that you share your process about choosing a fit and altering the pattern to suit your needs.

    Great job!

  4. I love this! I’m not a fan of pink, but you look so great in it! Love the combination with the shoes, too!

    this is awesome … And I love the stripes, both the grey and the light pink ones – the set some funk to the garment (do you say that? It’s meant positive, really!!!) and make it look great. 🙂

  5. Cassie this is simply stunning. Such a perfect fit and so very elegant while also being fun. You are right we often sweat about things in knitting (and life) that really don’t matter in the end. I love the stripes actually.

  6. Pink is my favorite color. When I’m down I wear it ,because it just helps me have happy thoughts. I also wish that yarn wasn’t discontinued, it would have made a lovely lacy hat and scaf. You have a true gift for knitting,and you are workin’ it girl. Maybe if I watch you more some of your talent will rub of on me;-)

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