Rerun knitting

There are some things you knit that you know you will knit again and again.  Kit Camisole might become one of those tops for me.  Last year I cast one on in June, after being inspired by Angela’s version, which I loved so much that I made in IDENTICAL yarn. This seems to be my go-to top as soon as the weather starts getting steamy.  It’s easy to wear, doesn’t cling to the body at all, and doesn’t need anything more than a bra underneath (or not even that if that’s your style).  I was recently riding my bike in last year’s version and there was something about the way it gently danced against my body in the wind that made me feel like I had to cast on another one right now.  I had enough discipline to finish my Driftwood Tee, but I got weak in the knees and fell sway to the powers of Louet Euroflax last Saturday when I saw this new color, Sunset, at my LYS.

KITOf course it’s another retina searing color that’s wickedly difficult to photograph.  I think it should be called “Screaming Coral.”  KIT-2I got past the full linen stitch edging yesterday afternoon and the next inch of mostly stockinette flew by.  That linen stitch in linen yarn is very very slow going, but the polished look is worth it. Plus, Euroflax is another one of those yarns that wears forever and ever, looking nice the whole time, with really easy care (washer and dryer–no problem) along the way.  I’m knitting this on a size 1, rather than the pattern’s prescribed size 3, because this gets me close to the gauge.  It’s still a bit bigger than the 39″ size, but not my much.  I love the way mine fits from last year, so I’m embracing the positive ease again and making this one identical.

My new job starts next week, so my knitting will definitely slow down.  I’m enjoying this binge while it lasts.

12 thoughts on “Rerun knitting

  1. That colour is gorgeous! And I’m with you on this pattern – I’ve got one on my needles at the moment, and the pattern is so easy but looks so good. My basket stitch has a few uneven bits, but I’m hoping they’ll block right out…!

  2. This colour is amazing! It’s going to looks great on you. Every time I go into my LYS I check out the aqua Euoflax, so I should probably just snap it up and cast on already. If I start now(ish) I can wear it for the rest of the summer!

  3. I love the color. Coral is just so beautiful. Don’t worry about reknitting a pattern. If you know it and love it then it shouldn’t matter. Keep up the great work!

  4. I like the name “Searing Coral” very fitting. I have a few patterns I keep returning to over and over. They’re the knitting equivalent of your favorite book or movie. You go back to them to remind yourself why you love reading, or knitting, or watching movies, whatever the case may be.

  5. Binge knitting is the best knitting! You enjoy it that much more because you don’t know when you can do it next.

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